A neatnik– in my house?

Yesterday my 2 year old looked up and noticed an upper kitchen cupboard gaping open.

She pointed an imperious displeased finger upward. “Please shut that!”

Shocked, I obediently shut the door.

Is it possible I could be raising a child who actually NOTICES when things are out of place?


  1. cute…(sounds like me and i fear…my daughter too.)

  2. My 7-year-old brother is the exact same way!!!! Not only does he notice things like that, but no one can move on with their lives until the situation is fixed…I was having a conversation with him the other day, and he interrupted me mid-word to tell me to shut my drawer. He does this all the time, but no one else in my family is like that. Where do they get it????

  3. This is awful I know, but my first thought was, “Oh wow, what a big help she’ll be with such an early sense of organization”. My kids are older and have chores and responsibilities in the home, and only one of them has such a sense. He appreciates order so much that we’ve started calling him Mr. Clean. I’m confident he got it from his Daddy, because it sure didn’t come from my genepool! 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    Lol. Open cupboard door’s are one of my pet peeve’s too. Talk about enough to drive a gal crazy…

  5. Oldest Son is a Neatnik. When he was a toddler not quite age 2, he threw a screaming fit for a teenage babysitter when she lifted him out of the bathtub. She believed she had accidently injured him in some way, yet she could not find any marks anywhere on his body.
    He would not be consoled, kept going back to the tub even after she managed to get him into his jammies.
    By the time we parents got home, both of the younguns were an exhausted mess. As she tearfully explained that she couldn’t figure out what and why everything went wrong, I went into the bathroom.

    There were all the bath toys still inside the tub, very near the drain.

    I turned to her and explained about how the boy insists on putting all the toys on the edge of the tub, then open the drain.
    The toys have to be safe before he would get out.
    She had simply upset his idea of order.

    Little things like that, while living with him, we parents took for granted and tried to stay a step ahead of him, but a new caregiver didn’t have his full list.

    She did help us out a few times over the next months. But I’ll bet she still has nightmares about a little kid screaming because of drowning plastic ducks.

  6. Oh, yes, what a help she will be!

  7. I really don’t mind open cupboards at our house once in a while. My sister-n-law can’t stand it though! So sometimes when they come over or we’re at their house… I open all of them when she walks out of the room just to annoy her 🙂 It always gets a good laugh!

  8. Oh… it’s possible! Apparently I am too. The Boy picks up after me and insists on throwing things — like snack wrappers, juice boxes, etc. — into the garbage as soon as he’s done with them. And he’s forever shutting the doors to our entertainment center, to rooms as he walks past them…. any door really. He is an anal retentive little thing and it sounds like your 2 year old is too! There are ways to have fun with it. The Boy has a race track with three cars — green, blue and red. They each have their color-coordinated starting point and he WILL NOT put the cars on the wrong color. When I’m feeling ornery, I put them on the wrong colors just to see his reaction. “No Mommy! Not theees way… Theees way!” as he rearranges the cars. Tee hee!

  9. Wow, Mary….I think she’s probably the only kid in our whole family that has that sense…. good luck with that! 🙂

  10. Mary I wanted to announce the news to you first, so please email me when ever you get the chance!

  11. So funny, isn’t it?!!!! Samuel and Keziah are CRAZY about things like that!!! It was just Samuel for awhile, but now were noticing it’s BOTH of them!!! Samuel will get up f/ nap and walk by the garage door…with the door SHUT, he will notice the light is on, and as he walks by he will flip it off : ) He does this w/o any thought, it seems…it’s just “what you do” : ) And if the flip up part of my lotion is open, Samuel is SURE to close it if he sees it, w/o missing a beat!!! AND if we leave the sunglass compartment open in the van, we have both kids asking us repeatedly to PLEASE close the “door” : ) Those are just a few examples! It’s hilarious!!!! : )

  12. Oh! How blessed you are! I have always wanted a slightly OCD child. I know several slightly OCDers and they are the best!



  13. As someone who cannot STAND the cabinets to be open all willy nilly- I shout HURRAY for her 🙂

  14. I’ve always heard that the ability to leave cabinet doors open and not be bothered by them is a sign of slight ADD. 🙂 I’m definitely NOT a neatnik, but I do run around shutting doors behind people because it bugs me.

  15. What is this type of child you speak of? I have never met one of those. LOL

  16. I only had to have 8 kids to get one!!

  17. i just don’t even know what I would do if one of my kids suddenly became concious of clutter and things out of place AND wanted something done about it…


  18. Hi, Mary!

    I meant to leave a comment before I pinged back to you, but I was in a hurry and did it out of order–and then you commented on mine lickety-split!

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing in the astonishment that we somehow managed to have children who *notice* things!