Maybe it’s day old

This evening hubby enlisted the clan to wash the van. Many hands make light work, ya know. (They also make lots of fingerprints — contributing to the need to wash the van.)

As the kids were wetting down sponges and preparing to scrub, my 9 year old picked a dry sponge up and said, “This one’s stale.”


  1. Hi Mary,

    I love your site! Maybe one of these days I will figure out how to do some of the cool things that you have done on your blog. I am still asking my 14 year old for help posting pictures!

    I hope your nine year old was impressed when Dad brought the sponge back to life with just a little water.

  2. I like his logic.

  3. Stale. Heh.

  4. Also: you guys are wearing SHORTS! We’re still wearing PARKAS! I am living in the wrong spot!

  5. i LOVE this action photo…what a way to see the owlhaven clan in action! and what a great quote.

  6. Funny!! I love the photo too. Your baby’s hair is suddenly SO long though!!! Gorgeous! I’d love it if you posted some more ‘hair-do’ shots on your other blog. They both always look so lovely.

  7. I love your kids Mary. I just really do!!