Doesn’t work for me (when will I ever learn?)

3:34 AM. The two year old rolls over. I pat her bum and feel….wet. On her. On my king sized (takes-up-two-washer-loads) bedding. Even a dab on my PJ’s.

Why oh why do I persist in trying generic brand diapers ‘just one more time’ ? — for a measly $3 per package savings? I have tried them at least twice per child — for 8 — EIGHT– kids. They didn’t work for one single child of mine. No, not even not even a potty-training toddler whose diapers aren’t very wet in the morning these days.

And then, when changing the toddler, why oh why do I optimistically peel off her diaper without even turning on a light, assuming that because she’s never pooped in the middle of the night that she never will, wreaking incalculable damage on the poor unsuspecting carpet? And, no doubt, also on the toddlers sleepy little psyche as she suddenly finds herself baby-wiped within an inch of her life and plopped on the shivery potty stark naked while a grumpy momma goes off to scrub the bedroom carpet.

**here mommy can be seen beating her own forehead with the palm of her hopefully-not-poopy hand**


  1. Ugh….just UGH!!!

  2. Oh well, like I commented a few days ago on journeymama, potty training and poopy stories are ALWAYS funnier in hindsight-this time the pun was totally intended though! 😉

    Hope the mess cleaned up easy!

  3. me too, I always try them and I am always sorry.

  4. Been there, oh have I been there (with seven kids).

  5. Liz in Australia says:

    Oh no… What a rude awakening!

  6. Oh, my goodness, I have been there too!
    (And will probably be there again ……)


  7. Yeah, I’ve tortured myself with the very same questions. These are indeed great mysteries.

  8. Why? Because ….. (la la la la la ………) THese are the times of our lives (la la la la la la…..)

  9. I hope this will comfort you… my 2 year old nephew has the stomach flu and had a major blow-out in my sister’s bed the other night. She has the stomach flu, too and had to clean it all up. They climbed back in bed and my sister… well… let’s just say that they don’t call it ‘montazuma’s revenge’ for nothing. :o)

  10. Gosh, I feel like a very wise & experienced mom-of-one! I tried a cheaper diaper brand once and could barely get through it. My complaint was that the outside of it was plastic-y and poke-y and hurt my sensitive bits while nursing, so that was that. Getting bit, etc. was enough for me; I wasn’t going to add to the discomfort!

  11. Oh gosh. I seriously don’t know of any mother who hasn’t had that happen to her. I have. I am convinced it’s a rite of passage!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    at least you’re going to have 2 more chances!! So happy for you and your family’s decision to add more!

  13. ooo – I don’t know if I should comment with this here, but here goes . . . at the risk of sounding crazy, have you tried Target’s brand? We too tried tons of generics and hated them. We like Target though, and when they are on sale, the price savings is pretty good.

    But I am sorry for your leakage and your bed and your carpet – SO no fun! Just last week, a day or two before our home visit, I walked in my son’t room to find poopoo on the carpet (not the whole mess, just a spot). I’m *sure* it was my husband’s diapering that did it – ha!

  14. Yep….not worth the money saved. I never found any diaper that I liked better than Huggies!!!!

  15. Sorry for the mishap…My favorite brand was Luvs. Fortunately, we’re past that stage now, although we still have frequent wet accidents with 3 year old Christopher.

  16. Oh no! so sorry!!!! So interesting! We can’t find name brand diapers that work for us! Our faves are White Cloud!!! And we have some HEAVY wetters! Isn’t that crazy?! : )

  17. I have been there too! Although, I now use the Target brand and White Cloud brand with success. When Isabella was a baby, I decided to use a brand called Dry Bottoms because it was so much cheaper, I was happy with them for a whole couple hours, then I had gone to the store with her and as I was getting the car seat out of the car, I was “splashed” on. Their name was correct, her bottom was dry and so was the diaper, but all her pee had come out and not only soaked into the car seat, but also went through the seat belt opening and made a puddle in the base of the seat. UGH!! Horrible!!

  18. Don’t blame yourself too much 😉 I think part of it had to do with the 3:34 AM part. Especially if you didn’t get to bed ’til 1:34 AM. :^)

  19. ugh…not fun. even for supermoms…

  20. sightsabove says:

    Got to agree with Sherri…Huggies are the only way to go! Even Pampers I find tend to leak – especially with my son! This is one of those items that just have to be name brand in our house.

    (BTW, though I don’t comment often I love your writing and your insights on having a large family…I have added you to my blogroll at my brand-new blog. Hope that’s ok!)

  21. ooohhh…mistake on my part too. I guess it has been too long since I have used diapers. I hated Huggies…we also used Luvs the entire time. Wow, I can’t believe I made that mistake!!!

  22. Mary. Cloth diapers. It’s all in the cloth. No more nighttime leaks. More laundry? Perhaps. But worth it.

  23. Oh boy does that sound familiar. My 8th child is 10 months old and yes, I tried the generic diapers with him too. Because I thought maybe they had improved since I tried them with the other 7 children. Needless to say, they had not improved. I can’t even use the regular name brand at night with him. I have to use the Huggies Overnights, which are like so expensive.