Nature Valley Cereal and Brilliant Parenting Moments

Two topics here– a cereal review and my Golden Keyboard winner.

I’ve gotten so many fun things to review over the past months that my little kids are learning to get excited when the FEDEX guy drives up. Yesterday’s offering from Mr. FEDEX did not disappoint. It was a box of Nature Valley Oats and Honey cereal. As it was an hour till dinnnertime, I was immediately handing out handfuls to kids to gobble down dry– they pronounced it sweet and good. I had to agree. It is equally good with milk. The flakes have enough body that it stays crunchy for awhile in milk, and there are bits of granola bar in it, which makes the cereal taste kind of like granola. I’ll have to check out the cost of this cereal, but I’ll definitely be looking for it in the grocery store. The box they sent me disappeared awfully fast, though. I wonder if it comes in a larger size?

Next order of business is Saturday’s Golden Keyboard. I loved the various tips you all shared. But the one that most resonated with me was Shannon’s little flash of brilliance. With eight kids, I’ve often had the very same dilemma, and THAT idea could work for me. Thanks, everyone who participated, and Shannon, you’re the Golden Keyboard winner this week.


  1. They also make granola bars this household always has them on hand!!


  2. Ditto, we get the granola bars by the case at Sam’s Club

  3. Thanks, Mary!

  4. Yup, we’ve gotten the granola bars at Costco – delicious. I’ll have to try the cereal.

  5. I bought a box of this last time I was grocery shopping. Haven’t opened it yet, but I just finished the Honey Nut Cheerios this morning, so maybe tomorrow. But I didn’t see any larger boxes, and the only reason I would’ve paid that much was that I had a big coupon. I know that’s not very encouraging, but maybe they’ll keep making those $2 off (or whatever it was) coupons!

  6. I just bought a box of this cereal this morning. It was a bit pricey. $3.99, but I love their granola bars, and I love granola cereal, so I think we’ll be a match made in heaven.

  7. How do I get the FedEx man to bring such fun packages to my house, too 🙂 ?!?

  8. And Shannon’s post truly was brilliant. Excellent decision.

  9. I LOVE this cereal. I snatched it up at Safeway when it very first came out, and now I buy three or four boxes whenever the price dips down to $3.

  10. Our Meijers had it on sale two boxes for $4, probably as an introductory offer.
    My 21 year-old son says “it’s okay, but Smart Start is better”.

  11. I saw this at Costco today – I think it was a 2.5 lb. box for $5.99 but there was a $1.50 coupon. Looked yummy!


  12. my husband was cracking up at me at the store last night (with all 5 kids) when I said I just had to try this cereal because Mary @ Owlhaven said it was really yummy (it was on sale of course)….
    hee hee….