Another night with the couch?

This week my 2 year old has a cold– she’s hacking and snotty and congested and ornery. And at night she’s restless. She must’ve woken up a dozen times Tuesday night and 7 or 8 last night. I’ve slept on the couch with her for the last two nights. That way her hacking won’t wake her dad who’s had to be up for work at 4:40 the last few mornings, and also so I can hold her semi-upright, which helps her sleep a little better. In best of times she prefers to sleep touching me somehow. While sick nothing will do except plastering herself to my body. Tonight it’s almost her bedtime and she’s already plastered on me looking spacy. She’ll probably go to sleep quickly when I carry her off to bed. But I’m guessing she’ll be awake in an hour, crying and begging to be rockied. I’m predicting another night on the couch. Yawn….

Luckily it’s a comfy one….

But still…..yawn……


  1. Oh sweetie. Hope it isn’t another rough night. Just glad you have a nice comfy couch now, eh?
    Big non-snotty hugs to you. Keep your chin up.
    God bless.

  2. Oh dear! Praying she’ll be better right quickly so that you can get back to your own bed!

  3. you get “mom of the year award” in my book. (even if you didn’t sleep on the couch of course). hugs to you and your little one.

  4. Oh, I hope you get a good nights rest. I’m up right now because I have a horrible crick in my neck for falling asleep on the floor in the kids’ room. Littlest one is having some sleep issues…causing Momma to have some neck and back issues.

    I hope you all get back on a regular sleep schedule!

  5. Now, I’m betting you’re really glad you spent the tax refund on new couches last year, huh?!

    Praying she gets well soon.

  6. oh, man, I LOOOOve these couches. I suppose one of the blessings of waiting ridiculously long to replace old furniture is the utter delight you take in new stuff!

  7. Aww, I hope she gets well very soon and you two won’t have to sleep on the coach too many nights longer.

  8. Sorry to hear that your youngest is not well. I hope you managed to get some sleep.

  9. Oh, we’ve all been there, you sleepy momma. It’s exhausting, but terribly sweet too, isn’t it?

  10. Hope you got some rest. I have to sleep semi-upright with The Boy sometimes too, and it’s fun to start off with… good cuddling time is hard to come by these days. But then when you actually want to sleep, you realize how much you really love your own bed! Hope she feels better!

  11. Your post made me think of when I was at the volunteer house in Ethiopia with your little sweetheart. She was doing the projectile vomit/nasty diarrhea thing, and had to be plastered to me as well. Even though she’d spent the last few months in a crib, she recognized that sleeping on someone is a wonderful thing 🙂 She’d fuss whenever I moved, so I had some long, stinky nights! hope she feels better soon!

  12. “Sleeping” (lol) with one of your children can be so sweet. Hope she feels well again soon.

  13. Aw Mary, so sorry you’ve got sickness! We’re battling hacking and coughing, streaming noses and eyes…I dunno if it’s allergies or what, but it’s driving me crazy. I have a 16 month old who has to be stuck to me as well, or else kicking me in the head, to be happy at night, so I know where you’re coming from.

  14. Oh, so sorry. Sleep is so tough. And sick, even worse. But there’s something in the way that they mold to our bodies, on some level trying to recreate being inside. It nourishes my soul. Peaceful winks to you both.

  15. Hey Mary,

    YUCK. It sounds like your general disposition today resembles mine, which is evident in my post today entitled “Boooooo!”

    I feel for you sister. There’s nothing worse than having a sick kid, except maybe being sick along with your sick kid so start taking those Airbornes baby!

    May the force be with you (by the way, I promise I am not a star wars freak. I have never even seen them. But from the sounds of my blog name and that last sign off, I am starting to worry that I am giving the impression that I REALLY LIKE star wars and I don’t. I’m glad we talked about that),


  16. she is so blessed to have a mommy like you to snuggle with!

  17. I can totally sympathize with your daughter. At least one or two of us have been sick for nearly two months. I have never been happier to see some warmer weather come our way. Now with my vacation coming soon, hopefully I can catch up on the house enough to feel I can devote some time to the outside and maybe actually plant a garden this year!!! Get better!