The first Flip-Flop sighting of the year

Can spring be far behind?

(Let’s hope not….people in this house are a wee bit tetchy today!)


  1. I sighted a couple pairs of them myself, yesterday. I watch two granddaughters before and after school. I feel really old: when I used to wear them, they were called thongs. Now thongs are a whole different thing.

  2. Yea, though people have been seen (okay make that teenagers) wearing them all year round here. I don’t understand it.

  3. woohoo! I cannot wait for flipflop season. and those flipflops are very cute.

  4. We are fully into flip-flop season here in So Cal. It has been in the high 80’s all week. I think we skipped Spring and jumper right into Summer. Ugh!!

  5. Ohhhhh…the weather has been AMAZING here the last few days – close to 70! I’ve been in flip flops, for sure ; ) But my friend lives in NJ, and she said it was snowing today : ( THAT is not my kind of March weather! That’s why I don’t miss MN! ; ) Fun flip flops!!! : )

  6. Flip-Flops are great for yoga toes, too.

    I so enjoyed reading your day-in-the-life entry at You are blessed, indeed!

  7. love those flip flops! i want a cool pair like that!

  8. Those are great flip flops…. we are also in that weather here in NorCal…..but they aren’t allowed to wear them to school, so we usually hold off until official summer…

    BTW…congrats on the big news, I didn’t have a chance to say it. that is very exciting…

  9. Weee! I can’t wait – it’s bitter here right now. (Those flip flops are great!)

  10. So far we haven’t had any flip-flop sightings, but pasty-legs-in-shorts sightings happened yesterday!

  11. I just checked our weather and it may creep into the 40s this weekend. Being the barefoot person that I am, I can not wait for flip flops.

  12. Flip flops? We’ve got snow! I’m still in Big Boots and a coat.

  13. Oh, those are really cute flip flops!

    I live in flip flops year round, but this last cold front we got had me throwing on socks and tennies. I just could not get my feet warm!