Things I’ve done in the last week while tread-milling

(And their associated distraction value on a scale of 0-10, 0 being no distraction value at all, and 10 meaning I forget I’m even exercising)

1. Read Redbook (3)
2. Watched The Princess Diaries (4)
3. Read my Bloglines (7)
4. Reviewed punctuation rules with a child (4)
5. Listened to a child read (3)
6. Played Phase 10 with a child (8)
7. Directed various unwilling children to clean the family room (1)

Thing I’ve thought of doing while treadmilling but decided would be unwise
— Eat Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses (I decided that would be disrespectful to the chocolate and that I really ought to wait til I could sit and properly enjoy it.)

Miles I’ve walked since I got the treadmill 9 days ago: 13 (Go, me!)

Pounds lost: 0.4 (all that sweat for 0.4 pounds???)


  1. Oh, now I wish I’d started keeping track of total miles walked a month ago when I got my treadmill. It is a little disappointing how long it takes the weight to come off with walking alone. I’ve added a bit of weight training to my routine (through the commercial breaks of Touched by an Angel, which the kids and I watch everyday at noon.)

  2. You are probably gaining muscle which weighs more than the fat you are losing 🙂 !!

    Keep up all the hard work … it burns a lot of calories to open those Hershey’s kisses … J/K! You are doing awesome.

  3. Yep, I was going to say it’s muscle too. Still, it’s nice to get numerical confirmation from the scale.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Loved the associated distraction value . . . and the fact that you feel you needed to respect the kisses. Tonight the kids had ice cream. I saved mine until after everyone was in bed – gotta respect the ice cream!

  5. I think I would want the dark chocolate hershey bar, oh man this pregnant momma wants a dark chocolate hershey bar now…

  6. GO MARY! Man, we have been wishin and hopin for a treadmill for months now. It’s getting ridiculous over here at the Jepson house. GOOD FOR YOU!

    You know what you should do!? (this is a great idea!) You should post a picture of yourself with a little red flyer wagon carrying cow parts equivalent of the body fat you have lost – just like Oprah did. And then you can regret it for the rest of your life just like she has. But it would be great bloggy material and very entertaining for all of us!

    Think about it Mary. Think about it.


  7. 13 miles? That’s AWESOME!!! Keep going!

  8. I have one collecting dust….PLEASE tell me how you positioned your laptop to read bloglines while on the treadmill?????

  9. but just think, your heart is getting stronger and isn’t that what really matter?
    …at least that’s what I tell myself.

  10. Wow, I’m impressed you managed to play Phase 10 while treadmilling!

    Often, I find myself watching Food Network while jogging – somehow running towards a big picture of brownies or a cake seems ironic…

  11. Love the distraction values.

    How about cranking the praise and worship music?

  12. Wow! I can barely play Phase 10 while sitting in a chair. You are talented! 13 miles… that’s a half marathon under your belt already.

  13. You are too funny Mary! I can’t believe you did all that stuff while walking and running on there! You’re amazing!!

  14. But the fact that you are even on the treadmill is what should be applauded. I’ve been using my three kids as an excuse for the past year but if you can do it with your bunch, so can I. HOORAY FOR YOU!!

  15. You’re doing so great! Thirteen miles is nothing to sneeze at. 🙂

  16. I would be much more likely to get on a treadmill if I thought that I could eat chocolate on it.