Not for breakfast reading

A wonderful example of why I subscribe to Planet Nomad.

Traveling with a Mauritanian meant we stopped for tea, and for lunch, and all in all, it was dark by the time we got to Kiffa, where we needed to turn north off the paved road to find his village. “It’s a very poor village and they’ll want to feed us,” warned Tim. “We need to bring something.” I was all up for a bag of rice, but instead we bought a goat.

Where else could I get this glimpse?


  1. That goat line made me laugh loudly. True enough! Her blog is a delight (so is yours).

  2. Oh my! I share your opinion that my whites are “white enough”. My mother, however, is a bit, ahem, anal about her whites. She washes three loads of whites: undershirts, socks/underwear, her nursing uniforms/white blouses. Never the three shall meet in the wash! Bleach is her friend! To her credit, she can get ANY laundry stain out! 🙂