Snow Day


  1. I love seeing all the boots and coats by the wood stove! That is what it looked like at my parent’s house when I was a kid! We always seemed to have a rack hanging by the wood stove with mittens and socks drying in the winter time!

    Enjoy the snow day!

    Oh…when is the big news going to be revealed? I’m still hangin’!

  2. Gosh, your pictures made me “homesick” for the snow that seems to be everywhere now except where we are out here in sunny California. I miss the snow… curling up inside with your loved ones after playing outside or running errands out in the cold… Ah, thanks for sharing.

    p.s. how about that news?!?

  3. You had a snow day with that little amount of snow!? LOL That’s a “dusting” of snow here! *wink* Love the stove pic as well!

  4. News? What news?


    Ummm…. I was hoping to have something to report this week,which is why I mentioned it a couple days ago. But it’s now looking more like mid-March. Can you stand it?

    I promise, it’s going to be a great story!

  5. Mary, you’re killing us on this news thing!!! Can you at least give us a hint or two. Like is it kid related or book related?

  6. Oh please, no more snow days!!! the two granddaughters I babysit will already be going to school till July, the way it’s looking.

  7. Makes me very happy to be in Oklahoma, where it’s (HALLELUJAH!) 65 degrees today!

  8. Oh, better you than us! Enjoy it. It was beautiful here today – in the 60’s. My kids might miss the snow but not me.

    Would your cute little snow-bunny like some Dora stickers? I have some but my littlest two are guys – so NOT into Dora.

  9. That’s crazy – it’s 69 degrees here today!

  10. i want a snow day! love these pics!!