Future fitness and future fun

A couple things.

First of all, I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a good treadmill, probably something in the range of $500 or less, and hopefully something that has the ability to fold up. We are getting short on space here, but I would really like to redeem a bit of my websurfing time by also doing some walking. Some of my teenagers would also enjoy a treadmill, I think. It doesn’t need to have a incline feature– heaven knows I’ll be doing well enough to walk just on the level –but it would be nice if it was sturdy and had that space-saving feature…. Let me know which ones you like.

Second, I have yet another idea for a game bubbling around in my brain. I will be kicking it off on March 2nd. So stay tuned.

And finally. I have news. News I am itching to tell. Soon.

Yes, I am awful. Sorry (kinda). (grin)


  1. Soon, like on an eternal scale, like how we know Christ is returning soon but it might be tomorrow or it might be another two thousand years?

    How soon is “soon” in your book?

    Can you tell teases like this drive me nuts? Can you give us a hint?

  2. Just read your “Iam from” ……..lovely…I truly enjoyed that….


  3. Oh, I love news, and it sounds like GOOD news. Can’t wait to hear!

    Sorry, no treadmill recommendations, I just go to a really cheap gym. It’s a real space saver!

  4. A lurker here, but I thought I’d share about our treadmill. We have a Proform Crosswalk. It does have an incline, does fold up, and has the additional feature of adjustable-tension arm handles that you can use for upper body workout too. They can be found for about $400. We’ve been using ours consistently for 5 years and have had no trouble at all with it, though we don’t fold it up. I don’t know how frequent folding and unfolding might affect a treadmill overall. Also, we only use ours for walking, not running. You might want to lose the arm handles in favor of a longer deck if anyone wants to run on it. Good luck!

  5. I also have a proform crosswalk (a sears brand I think) and have used it pretty consistently for 6-7 years. I don’t remember how much we spent, but I’m sure we wouldn’t have spent more than 400$ or so. My husband and I both use it (not as often as we should, of course) for walking only and we do keep it folded up when not in use. It sits in the corner of our bedroom right underneath a tv which hangs in the corner, hospital room style. Classy eh? It does have an incline feature and some handles to pull towards you as you walk, so you are moving your arms as you walk-the handles have tension knobs that can be tightened and give a nice arm workout too. We have never had problems at all and enjoy being able to walk regardless of the time or weather. Have fun shopping!

  6. We just bought a NordicTrack treadmill in January. We got it at Sears for around $600 or so, but there were quite a few to choose from under $500. Ours does fold, although it is very heavy so we wouldn’t want to move it for storage – at least we can fold up the floor part for cleaning under. Ours does have the incline feature, which I do like, as it works my butt more. 🙂

    Pay attention to horsepower if anyone is going to use it for running.

  7. By the way, I can’t wait to hear your news. I wonder if I already know…. 😉

  8. Sorry…no treadmill comments to make here (although I will probably totally mooch off of your readers’ comments as I would like to invest in one of them as well).

    And I’m totally curious about your news! You’re leaving me hangin’!

  9. We bought the midpriced (400) treadmill at walmart last year. It has incline and folds up. I am very happy with it.

  10. I have a proform treadmill too – it’s about 3 years old now, still working well and folds up nicely. Not sure what the model number is, but we got it at Sears for about $400 (as I said, three years ago)

  11. Well, if you don’t mind, I’ll just hang out here at your place until you reveal the news. Because I’m nothing if not curious.


  12. Mary I can’t stand suspense like this! Come on, fill us in! I know nothing about treadmills, but I have an elliptical that takes up space and collects dust…..

  13. Hmmm… I still remember the time about 2 years ago when you spilled the beans about your referral for Bizunesh when we were privately e-mailing about something and you were just “itching” to tell. So my mind runs instantly in that dramatic sort of direction. And then it runs over to the fact that you’ve not mentioned anything about your book proposal in a while… Oh, you’re a tease!

  14. Inquiring minds need to know…will be hanging out here as well!

  15. About the treadmill – we have a NordicTrack, bought it at Sears. It’s good, folds, all the stuff you want. But like someone else mentioned it is a beast; we won’t be moving it around the house much! My two cents is try before you buy (I made hubby do it); actually get on and walk. That way you can see if is long enough for your stride, impact-absorbant enough for you, if the handles are at a good height for you, etc. You might feel dumb, but better to find these things at a store. Oh, and get the best one you can afford, if you really want to use it. We had a cheap-o before we got this one, and I hated it.

    About the news – I second Kelly M! There should be some bloggy rule about not telling that you have news before you tell the news!

    Blessings (anyway)!

  16. Is your news like the news I just shared on my blog a few days ago???

    I have no treadmill advice, but I would agree that it should fold up. My last treadmill, I didn’t like, but it made a lovely laundry hanger! 🙂

  17. Can’t wait for the news! Nothing like a cliff-hanger to get people to check back!! 🙂

  18. Ooh, how bizarre – I’m looking to buy a treadmill as well, and now I can take into consideration all those recommendations as well, yay!

  19. Have fun with your new treadmill and do NOT keep us in suspense for too long with your news!!!

  20. News?!? What a tease you are!!! 🙂
    I’m anxious to hear what it is. And being stuck at home with the stomach flu (yeah, AGAIN) today, I’d love something cheerful to think about.
    Big hugs to you. Oh, and enjoy that treadmill. I’m sure someone in your house will be using it! Haha.