Found that Easy Button today!

Well, I spent awhile this morning researching treadmills, and read all your comments. Found a ProForm advertised on for $150. It was originally $600 and only has about 40 hours of use. Hubby and I went to see it this afternoon. Bought it. Brought it home. Set it up. It folds up well and works great! I’m thrilled to have found an affordable option.

Now comes the hard part. Using it. 🙂


  1. very cool! i want one for my office!

  2. Right on! You got a great deal, girl. For that most excellent deal we might need to start calling you Owlhaven, the Shopping Maven!

  3. Wow, you really get things done!

  4. Whohoooo! I have one all nicely folded up in my bedroom.

    I need to unfold it and use it.

  5. YAY! You will love it.