Guess I’ll never ignore THOSE words again

Last Tuesday I loaded my 2 year old into the car to go with me to bring my big boys to an appointment in town.

As we pulled out of the driveway, my two year old said, “I’m sad..”

“Why are you sad?” I said absently as I drove.

“I’m sad…” she repeated.

“It’s okay,” I said reassuringly, wondering what was up.

I only wondered that for another minute or so.

Then she threw up.

Then we were all sad.


  1. Eeeeew! Nothing makes me “sadder” than throw up in the car! On our last vacation, our 2 yr. old got sad all over her blankie, the car seat, and her sister. We had to rinse out the blankie in the hotel bathroom sink and she slept with it wet!

  2. Oh stunning….now I`m not sad…I`m laughing.
    Truly enjoyed this post


  3. Oh….this made me laugh. I’m sure it wasn’t fun for you but thanks for the smile.

  4. I laughed too! You probably didn’t laugh at the moment, but it will be a memory to look back on. I hope the babe feels better soon.

  5. Oh, this has made my day! =P Kids bring such a rich flavor to life.

  6. Throw up in the car is definitely a sad state of affairs. Sorry for the throw up, but thanks for the laugh.

  7. lol…oh ugh!!! That IS sad!

    …and funny!

  8. Oh, no…that would make me sad too…no fun!! I hope the little one’s better now?
    I’ve been SO grateful that we haven’t had any illnesses involving buckets this year. Knock on wood, of course…….. 🙂

  9. So funny and so gross. Perfect.

  10. I think this is the first time I have commented, but that was great! I can sympathize. We had the same thing happen on a five hour drive, and we were only one hour into our trip. We did the best we could, but we pretty much drove for four hours with a stinky car, and it was too cold to open the windows. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh, dear! That’s one of those “somdeday funny” stories, methinks. Was she happier after sadding, at least?

  12. Oh, dear! That’s one of those “someday funny” stories, methinks. Was she happier after sadding, at least?

  13. Nothing worse than cleaning barf off a car seat (not to mention the kid). Hope she feels better!

  14. Oh no! Sorry to laugh at your child’s vomit – but, what a funny little story.

  15. always love how you tell stories! Great post!

  16. Poor little girl – but very cute story.

    You made both my husband and me laugh!

  17. Oh, and I’m so sad for you. What a sweetie.

  18. Ugh. We’ve been going through this too.

  19. So…..I’m going to ignore the cliff hanger post above….and say, I’m sorry that I’m laughing about your little cutie.

  20. 🙁 poor little thing…and awh….NOT fun for mom!

  21. Oh NO! That’s SO SAD!!! And I can’t imagine how you got that smell out of the van – so sorry!!! I think I’ll mark that one in my “important box”, so when I hear it…..hopefully this will be triggered : )