Look who got…


She’s been coveting big sister’s earring for months, and now finally she has her own. The ouch was bigger than she expected it to be, but after 5 minutes of fussing, she started touching them ever-so-gently and proudly, and is now eagerly waiting for Daddy to get home from work so she can show them to him!


  1. Dahling, you look maaaaahvelous!

  2. I love earrings! My daughter got hers when she was 3 months…young I know, but soooo cute! Tell your daughter she looks beautiful!

  3. Awww! She looks so thrilled and cute!

  4. May I say – Best Dressed Baby!!! She looks ahhhhhh-dorable!

  5. What a beautiful girl! Emma was about the same age when she got her earrings. 🙂

  6. Beautiful picture of a beautiful girl!

    We told our daughter she could pierce her ears whenever she was ready. Funny that as soon as she had our permission she decided she wanted to wait until she was older.

  7. Your little girl is adorable!!

    I’m going to have to rely on you for little girl hair care now. Much to our surprise, we got the referral today of a baby GIRL, so I now have the big responsibility of keeping her hair looking cute- or at least tame!

  8. She’s *beautiful*!!!! (And it’s so not fair, I had to wait ’till I was TEN to get earrings…harumph)

  9. Oh they look simply adorable on her.

  10. Oh my goodness…. She looks so cute!
    I love all of your entries. Thank you for you vast knowledge…

  11. Oh how precious!!!!`

  12. Oh, what a pretty girl! My little one loves her “pretties” too!

  13. Oh, the glam! The bling! She looks adorable.

    I can’t show my Sarah this pic, or my days of getting away with little foil star stickers on the earlobes are over for sure =).

  14. She’s just beautiful! She looks so proud of her new earrings! 🙂

  15. How precious! From here on out it will get more expensive to put that look on her face, you know. Diamonds, pearls…. 😉

  16. The earrings are pretty, but LOOK at that face!! What a beautiful little girl you have. I also love the way you have framed this photo – it looks great!

  17. Diane,
    Haha! Sorry, nope, I’m not raising kids who expect diamonds! (grin) Mine know how to comb yard sales for bargains! But $24 Walmart earrings….those we can do!

  18. She’s getting SO BIG!

    I’m interested in your thoughts about an incident that I blogged about in my Love Thursday post. Being the mom of a large family – you likely have some insights for me.

  19. I have a 6 year old who’s gioing to be jealous when she sees this. Your daughter is darling!

  20. Doesn’t she look pleased? So precious!

  21. What a cutie!

  22. CUTE!!!!!

  23. So Pretty!! I’m sure her Daddy loved them!!!

    I have been debating the earring question since we got our referral over a year ago. I made my oldest wait until she was 8 to get her ears pierced. That way, with a little reminding, she was able to take care of them herself. This worked well, and since the next 3 kids were boys, we haven’t needed to revisit the scenario. Grace has been home for 10 months now, and we still haven’t made a final decision.

    I know this might seem silly, but I LOVE the way jewelry looks on brown skin. Grace (now 17 months) has the most beautiful milk chocolate skin. Earrings would be absolutely precious on her. My husband agrees, but we are also a bit concerned about the possibility that she might try to rip them out. She is still so young. My Mom, as mothers sometimes do, voiced her opinion on the matter. She thinks it would be wrong to have a different standard just because of a different skin color. Ugh!! The (possible) new standard has a lot more to do with me lightening up with child #5, instead of staying as intense as I was with child #1.

    Anyway, the jury is still out for now. I’ll be sure to post pictures if we decide to pull the trigger (pun intended). 8^)

  24. Too cute!! [:-)

    Auntie Rachel

  25. She’s absolutely precious! glad she’s loving them 🙂