Contest Finalists (updated at end)

Sorry to be so slow in getting this up! I was without internet half the day. Then hubby and I took our oldest out to dinner for her nineteenth birthday. And finally, finally, I had time to give everyone’s awesome entries one last read. I hope I got a comment on every blog– I tried. I READ every single post at least twice, anyway… The entries were all awesome and personal and fun to read, in such different ways.

Thank you all, every single one of you. Really.

Now, to the finalists.

The three finalists for the I AM FROM contest are:


Susie from SUSIE J

Mella from THE EMPTY SKY


The three finalists for the I AM contest are:




And the winner of the comment contest is Mikael’s Mania.

Congrats, you all. Touching, beautiful, luminous writing.

You all have until Friday evening to vote for your very favorite in both categories. Good luck deciding– I’m guessing you’ll find it tough, even narrowed down for you! I will be announcing the big winners on Saturday morning. Ready, set, GO VOTE!

Final Note: Please note that you can vote for TWO people– one in each of the categories. And as far as the errors some some people have been getting– I just changed the survey so that if you vote again, it will just overwrite your previous vote, NOT put in a whole new one. Feel free to go back and re-vote if you think your first did not ‘take’ or if you were one of the many people who only voted for one person when you actually could have voted for two.


  1. Good luck! I don’t envy your job right now!

  2. What a tease you are!

  3. Told ya.

  4. Mary- not sure if you know, but comments is coming waaaaaaaay down at the bottom of your site. It just started today, that I’ve noticed 🙂

  5. can’t wait!

  6. okay…i just “voted” but really they ALL WERE FANTASTIC. what a terrific exercise. it was fun, beautiful and touching. once again mary – i am so proud to be prez of your fan club!

  7. It will be tough. Thanks this was a great contest.

  8. I’m not sure if my vote went through – I got an error page twice… afraid to vote again (specially since I didn’t vote for myself!)

  9. I got an error message twice too, and didn’t want to over-vote the vote either… Hmmmmm.

    These entries are fantastic, by the way. This contest was such a nice way to get introduced to so many talented bloggers…

  10. They were all so wonderful. What a great contest! It was amazing to read so many entries and find something in each one that rang true in my own heart, all the while discovering people that are so very different. This was a great way to meet some new bloggers.

    Thanks for a great contest, Mary. I voted!

  11. Got my vote in correctly this time! Thanks Mary!

  12. These were all great, but it was an easy choice for me . One in each category stood out as sublime, evoking strong images that I could see, hear, feel and almost touch. What a nice exercise. Thanks for hosting the contest. Someday I’ll do it, too.

  13. oh, those are GREAT!!!!

  14. Thanks for doing this Mary. It was fun being involved – both the exercise of writing my own & then reading so many other wonderful entries. Even voting was fun – all the finalists are great!