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Almost a year ago I did a writing contest using the “I Am From” writing prompt. A ton of people submitted really great entries, and it was such fun to read them. I’m doing this again, but this year you have two options.

1. The original ‘I Am From’ format gives you a chance to write about the things and people around you that shaped you as a child. Here’s my last years’ ‘I Am From’.

2. The new ‘I Am’ format gives you a chance to write more specifically about yourself, and your progression from childhood to adulthood. Here’s my “I AM”.

Remember, these are helpful suggestions, not a set-in stone mold. I would like it if you chose one or the other of the two formats, though, just so I know which category to judge you in. A few other details.

— This contest will run two weeks. I’ll keep this post at the top so it will be easy to find.
–You have until Saturday noon February 10th, Pacific time, to post your “I Am” or “I Am From” on your blog, with a link back here.
–As soon as it’s posted, come sign in with Mr. Linky so we can all come visit you. Sign in with your EXACT post address, not just your main blog address. The sooner you get yours written and up, the more traffic you’ll be likely to get.

There will be three prizes:

— Best “I Am From”
— Best “I Am”
— Most referrals.

The first two prizes are the writing prizes–make it crisp and descriptive. Make every word count.

The final prize is for the person who refers the most people to my blog. When you mention the contest at your place, ask your readers to come over to Owlhaven and comment in the regular comments section of this post and say “Hi, I’m here from….” Whoever’s name is mentioned most by February 10th gets that third prize!

The winners of the contest will be able to choose one of the six books shown here in the picture (click on the picture for a larger version). They’re all gently used books that I’ve read and enjoyed, but don’t need anymore. The first winner to contact me will get first choice. I picked 6 so that everyone would be likely to find something they are actually interested in.

The books are:
Half a Heart
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
Half Empty, Half Full
Chicken Soup for the Christian Family’s Soul
Fields of the Fatherless
Frugal Luxuries

A note about this Mr. Linky. It’s a beta version, made especially to work with WordPress blogs. The single solitary thing I don’t like about WordPress is that it doesn’t allow java. So I was thrilled on Friday when Mr. Linky himself emailed me a work-around for WP. This Mr. Linky opens a new page instead of posting your name directly on my post. From what I can tell, it should be a nice option for WordPress users.

Please use Mr. Linky ONLY for your contest entries. Use regular comments if you’re stopping in to visit from another blog or if you have any comments/questions about the contest.


  1. Good One! Let me get a little more caffeine in my system, and I will be all over this! 🙂

  2. Hope I did this right, still a newbie at this- I did the #2 format- this is a great exercise!

  3. thanks for a cool contest! 🙂 i hope my blog readers find their way here and enjoy your blog as much as i do!

  4. Ooh, what a GREAT idea! I’m all over that!

  5. Oh cool, I like the “I Am” format. Busy weekend, but I’ll try it at some point (always looking for ways to procrastinate, rather than work on the story I need to finish for my thesis…)

  6. Hey, thanks for the heads up that my link didn’t work. I have no idea how to delete the other one, though…new to this Mr. Linky business.

  7. Ok, so my I am is up! wow that was a lot of fun!!! can’t wait to read the others.

  8. Hi! I’m visting from Karly’s blog, Wiping Up Snot (don’t you just love that blog title?). I think I might have to give this a try!

  9. I have so many questions for you I don’t even know where to start. I have six kids. How do you blog and do kids and homeschool and live and eat and breath and still look and act normal? I have a forehead full of worry zits andI’m only thirty. I used to homeschool but am in school now myself. I guess I’m a homeschool failure. Hw do you stay organized? How do you stay Christian? How do you not cuss?

  10. I loved doing the “I Am From”. This one looks good, too. I’ll have to give it some thought, though. I’m not good at this sort of thing.

  11. Hi!
    I’m coming over from Any blog Liz admires is worth attention in my book.
    I’ll get cooking on the “I Am From” – thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Hiiii
    I just saw u’re link in liz’s site
    u have such a good writings i love them
    spacially the I Am From .. one
    keep up the good work

  13. Fun! Mines up too. These are so much fun to read.

  14. I did the ‘I Am From’ format as a NaBloPoMo Post, so I’ve linked to it already.

    I enjoyed doing it so much though, that I think I will do the ‘I Am’ format as well.

    Thanks so much for these wonderful ideas, Mary. It’s nice for us newer bloggers to have generous people like you to suggest an item to write about.

    I’ll be reading each and every one that is linked here.

  15. I’ve got the second one up, this time in the ‘I Am’ format. This was such a great writing exercise. My compliments to everyone else as well. I’ve already read several, and you’ve all one a marvelous job.

  16. Talking about contests….

    You’re our lucky winner for our Kangaroodle contest. Shelly will contact you to arrange to send you your prizes.


  17. MIne is up!
    The new “I am” format.
    Mr. Linky is not showing for me. Is anyone else having this problem?

  18. I’m up… Thanks Mary, this is so… enlightening!

  19. mine is up on brownstreet for all three of my readers to see. i have been wanting and meaning to to do this for sometime…so i am glad you did this. can’t wait to read all of your reader’s essays.

  20. Hi Mary – I posted a link to my “I Am From” in Mr.Linky, but unfortunately I am a tad dyslexic and mistyped it the first time. It’s in there twice…oops. I couldn’t delete the wrong one – can you?

    Maybe I’ll get a chance to do the “I Am” this week too – such great writing exercises.

  21. I am is up

  22. Phelan sent me. I like the writing prompts – maybe I’ll give them a go.

  23. I’m back with my “I am”.

  24. I have posted an “I am from…”. That was great fun to write. I laughed and cried and remembered a lot more than I wrote. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. D. from Straddling the Line said I was pretty and smell good so I should visit your web site and tell you she sent me here 🙂 Sorry, it’s Monday and I am a little gitty from all the paper work on my desk today 🙂

    Good Luck to all!

  26. alrescate says:

    Phelan at ‘A Homesteading Neophyte’ sent me.

    This is a great idea Owlhaven!

  27. That was interesting. I had difficulty keeping it in the third person, but I think I finally got it right.

  28. ; ) Well done!

  29. I wrote an “I am from” awhile back on my xanga, so I put it in Mr. Linky. I hope that is okay, since I guess a xanga is a blog of sorts.

  30. Stephanie from Adventures in the 100 Acre Woods sent me. Love the “I am’s”

  31. I played! I did the “I Am From” writing prompt. I accidentally put myself in twice in Mr. Linky. Is it possible to delete my first link? Sorry!

    That was a fun writing prompt. It made me a bit homesick for my childhood.

  32. Great Idea!

  33. will do 🙂

  34. I love reading through all of the entries – they’re fabulous!

    (Did my “I Am” link not go through? I thought I put it up on Mr. Linky…but, maybe not?)

  35. I just did mine. I was so suprised how it just flowed and took no time to do. I loved doing it.

  36. I am here from TXMommy. This is a really neat writing contest!

  37. This was a lot of fun, thanks! I found it at too many to count!

  38. Michelle, from Heart of the Prairie sent me.

  39. I came here from Phelan (I think), eireannaigh on livejournal.

  40. this is great. I am not a mom but it’s an important exercise to do I think.

  41. This was a great exercise! I really enjoyed filling out the form and took a full day to think about my answers. In retrospect, I should have taken a few more days. ha, ha, ha I have sent the form to friends and family who are not bloggers, yet, and very interested in seeing the outcome. I learned a few new things about myself and it was fun to travel down memory lane.

    I thank you whole heartily.

  42. I did this a second time, in my AOL journal, this time trying to stay with the pattern. I hope that’s OK. Mainly, I wanted to give others a chance to do this, and most of my faithful readers are on this journal.

  43. I wrote my I Am Cara, thought about it for a couple of days, then edited it on my blog. I’ll be giving a copy to my parents and grandparents. 🙂
    I think I’ll try writing it again in a year to see if it’s changed much. Thanks for the prompts!

  44. I did not realize how painful this could be.

  45. Just posted mine. Thanks for this chance!

  46. Hi! I visited your blog via Beth at


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