Because Carol asked…

Here’s my bedroom after the redo, complete with new lamps and rearranged dressers. Note the lovely blue baby rail to keep the two year old from falling out in the night! My 19 year old says I need to spray paint it to match the decor…


  1. Ooooo….aaaahhh…..

    I like that color green a whole lot. It’s lovely, Mary. Thanks for the pic!

  2. Mary…that looks great!!!

  3. Looks great!

  4. I wanted to see a picture too but was afraid to ask! Looks really great and I wouldn’t have even noticed that rail! Doesn’t it feel good to re-do something even a little bit? ~~Pam

  5. Very nice Mary! It’s also nice to know that someone else has a sleeper in their bed at night. We can’t keep my 5 year old out half the time!

  6. Beautiful! Including, and most especially, the co-sleeping rail!

    Mia, almost 3, is still in our bed and I really treasure it too!