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Today I embarked on a mission. For quite awhile we’ve had three– THREE!–dressers in our bedroom. One is a tall one, and the other two are big wide things, which makes the room feel more like hallways around the king-sized bed instead of actual space.

I’m craving elbow room. I decided to dejunk, and thought I’d see if through some judicious juggling I could also move one big dresser to a different room. First I dug in and organized my walk-in closet better and got rid of some books that I had stacked in there. That freed up my clothing cubbies for clothes, allowing me to empty out a dresser.

Once I figured out where I was going to move the furniture, I decided I really needed a couple of new lamps. Oh, and shelves. I wanted shelves. I headed for Target with my 16-year-old and 4-year-old, where we had fun cruising the aisles. Well, the 16-year-old and I had fun. Mostly the four year old just whined, ‘This is boring…..’ over and over, except for the thirty seconds it took her to choose a bag of Dove chocolate (which we would try very hard not to eat all of on the way home– I blame the railroad crossing for the disappearance of at least 6 pieces).

Anyway, I found a nice affordable shoe shelf for $30, and some cute little lamps for $25 apiece. But the bookshelves were disappointing. I was hoping they’d have this little number in stock. $30 didn’t seem too bad to me. But, no. All they had was this for $80. I just couldn’t do it. Couldn’t. (Sucks to be a tightwad some days.)

But once we got home, the lamps looked great and the room arrangement worked lots better than the old one. My big kids hauled the one dresser upstairs to the family room– I’m going to use it to organize the game corner tomorrow. I also plan to get a couple old ugly shelves out of the family room.

My bedroom looked soooo much better when we got it all done, that in an inspired moment, we found a big ol bow and decorated the door and then when my hubby got home from work, I presented him our ‘new’ bedroom as a Valentines Day gift. Amazing what a little de-junking and rearranging and cleaning and a few little purchases can do….

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  1. It is fun to rearrange, ideas whirling, moving stuff- and better yet getting rid of stuff! Especially when you come out of it with something fabulous- and a V-day gift to boot!

  2. I am obscenely envious of you right now – as I sit in our closet-turned-office-nook in a bedroom that stresses me out constantly with its piles of clothing that don’t fit in the dressers we have. It’s a big enough space, and has potential to be quite lovely, if only I could get it together and do something nice with it…

  3. Don’t worry about being a tightwad about that shelf unit. Its center of gravity is off, so I doubt it would safely support much of a load.

    Waiting at a railroad crossing can be blamed for many things. I was late for a dentist’s appointment because of one.

  4. You’re on a roll! Ah, elbow room. Keep it going!

    (Until the feeling passes, anyway. Do these re-arranging/organizing crusades just strike you out of the blue, too? Usually the way it happens here: one moment I’m staring around the room while in the midst of something else, months of dissatisfaction built up, and the next thing I know my orignal task is abandoned, furniture and stuff is moved every which way, and on it goes until I run out of steam a few days later. I’ve even been twice-known to compulsively rip down old wallpaper with no plans set to re-do the room. Hence, our currently very ugly bedroom.)

  5. Comment deleted. I’m so offensive.

  6. That sounds so awesome! Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

  7. Dude. I read this and I want to go throw out everything I own. There is just so much stuff around here and it continues to multiply. You are inspirational. I’ll have Dan give you a call if he’s frustrated that I threw out something “important”.

  8. Congrats on your rearranging! It is so much fun to give an old room a fresh look.

    But I’m confused about the contest. The contest post says we have till Saturday, Feb. 10 to enter, but you said TODAY, the 9th, is the last day in this post.

    Which is it?

  9. Duh….guess I should have double checked what i wrote the first time around! I could have sworn I first wrote Friday evening. I think I’ll compromise and do it till Saturday noon Pacific time…hopefully that won’t mess anyone up!

  10. Do you have Bi-Mart over there? They have pretty cute tall bookshelves for about 50$. No assembly.

  11. Wot? No before and after pics?

    Okay. Back to my totally inadequate imagination.

  12. You go, girl!

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