Product Reviews

I’ve got two product reviews for you today. The first is the Phillips Bodygroom, touted as the anywhere hair removal system. We liked that this razor can be used in the shower, but were disappointed with how it actually worked. Hubby tried it on his face, and said that not only did it pull and grab, also it did not shave especially close, so he had to go back and shave again his preferred way (with a manual razor). To give the thing a fair below-the-neck trial, I gave it a whirl on my legs and underarms. It was comfortable on my legs, but on my underarms..ouch. Hubs was right–it did grab. Not so thrilled with this one. I’m giving it 2 out of 5 owls.

The second product was the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate bars. My family was quite pleased with these. They are a nice chewy, sweet chocolatey granola bar. I didn’t feel they tasted any different than the regular type of granola bar, but according to the package, one of these will supply you with 35% of your fiber needs for the day. The box says these are good for weight loss. I would also guess that if you had a child opposed to much fiber in his diet, these might be a good option. We do pretty well with veggies and whole grains at our house, so I’m not sure I would buy granola bars strictly for the fiber. But if you need to add some extra fiber to your diet or the diet of a child, I think this would be a tasty option. I’m giving these 5 owls.

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