Only thing worse than tax season…

…is doing your taxes and then realizing you still have to do the FAFSA (application for college student aid), during which you realize your college student has to do taxes this year too for the first time ever, and since she is off at school, you get to wade through yet one more round on TaxCut and do ’em for her. Yuck. I may be done by the end of the day. Or not. We’ll see.

A real day-brightener, however, was my trip over to Heather’s this morning and discovering, shockingly, that you all voted me into the finals in three categories!

Happiest Blog
Blogger You’d Most Like to Meet
Woman Power

I’m really not expecting to get further than that, since there is some very formidable competition (the hugely popular BooMama, for one). But thanks, you guys! I feel very loved.


  1. Yeah, adopting 3 kids has made taxes infinitely more complicated. Between trying to figure out which ones are qualifying kids vs qualifying relatives and how that affects the different deductions (which we never had to deal with before), it’s making my head spin.

    Since Eldest probably has a very simple tax return, you might want to go with a free web based filling if TaxCut requires you to pay for doing a second return. I think HR Block has one.

  2. Oh the FAFSA…what fun. 😉

  3. Exactly why we pay an accountant for taxes and FAFSA. Worth every dime we pay him because he saves us a whole bunch of money more than I can figure out.

    What was weird about the FAFSA was: we were/are living on one income from the head of household. I was a returning-to-college woman of a certain age. I qualified for money aid all over the place.
    Same address, same income. 21 year old college son got nothing. Nada penny.
    Thank goodness we still can have him on the medical insurance.

    Our Accountant has Angel wings, I tell ya.

  4. Taxes stink!!

    Congratulations on making the finals. 8^)

  5. Congratulations, Mary. All very well deserved!

  6. I went and voted for you. I also read some of One Woman’s World posts. I was going to flag her blog so I could check it out later and my computer warned that it contains questionalble content. I didn’t see any so don’t know what it was talking about. I enjoy reading Owlhaven so much. Hope you win. Mama Bear