Opinion Saturday – Help When You’re Running on Empty

Hey y’all. I STILL have the flu. Gack. Thankfully hubby has the day off and I am the only person in the family currently afflicted. This means I have the luxury of lying here in a pale-faced scraggly-haired heap and letting hubby and the teens do what needs doing. I’ll be okay as long as not one leaps on my stomach unexpectedly.

Today’s question is related to those moments in life (kind of like today) when you are drained and feel like you have nothing more to give. When you feel that feeling coming on, what do you do (besides kicking the flu bug) to rejuvenate?

You have until Monday evening to share your most effective mood-lifters. I’m giving the Golden Keyboard to the person who shares the most helpful ideas…

Over and out.


  1. Since I’ve personally had the stomach flu TWICE in the past month (yeah, I’m D.O.N.E with that – and feel I should be exempt from any further flus for at least another year, or two)… I can empathize with you here.

    And for a mood lifter:
    I went with a friend of mine to the local botanical gardens, found a grassy hillside, and showed my toddler how to roll down the hill. Hearing his giggles and watching his amazement with this new trick – toddling up that hill and rolling back down, again and again – just warmed my heart and I couldn’t help buy smile (despite the nausea that I was feeling at the time) and remember what joy there was still in life. Even with the flu.
    How’s that one?

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re still sick! It’s a bad bug going around. I hope you recover soon and that the rest of the family stay healthy.

    When I’m sick, my biggest mood lifter is to drink a cup of hot green tea, while curled up in bed with a good book. Of course, this only works if my husband is home with the kids, keeping them happy while I hide out. Having that time to relax does wonders for my healing.

    On days when I am not sick, but just drained, I find the best mood lifter is getting out of the house and going someplace beautiful. My favorite is a drive up a local highway that goes through rolling hills and ranch land. If the weather is nicer, I like to go on a nature walk with my husband and the kids – we have some nice trails nearby that are not too strenuous, and have beautiful scenery. Being out, away from the demands of my household (laundry, dishes, etc.), and surrounded by beauty, always helps to lift my mood.

  3. SO sorry you are still feeling sick!!! Thankful, though, your husband is there to help!!! That’s HUGE! When I’m feeling like I can’t go on, and I need a “mood-lifter”, I ask my hubby to lay on the couch with me and rub feet : ) Then we just talk about all that’s going on, rub feet, and relax together…..seems like everything just “falls off”, and we end up having a sweet, restful, “filling” evening! It’s amazing how the Lord uses our husbands, isn’t it?!

  4. This is going to sound simple and dumb- go take a long shower! It is the last thing you want to do, well that and mop the floors! But really, maybe it’s the steam, but I really do feel better! And a cup of hot tea never hurt anyone.

  5. When starting the day, I just don’t function well until I brush my teeth. Something about cleaning them clears the cobwebs from my mind.

    When I am feeling down or unmotivated, the best thing is to get dressed. The worse I feel the better I need to look to get motivated. So, brushed hair and makeup is a must if I’m to shake the bummers.

    When I am sick it is honestly a combination of the two. Even if I am able to spend the day in bed, if I go through the brushing of teeth and hair and getting comfortable but presentable clothes on, it helps me handle the awfulside of sickness.

  6. http://mellahoney.blogspot.com/2006/11/holiday-in-nutshell.html – This is my idea of rejuvinating…wish I was doing it right now.

    Also, I’ve found that I almost always function better, creatively (and probably as a person in general) after a nice long walk – doesn’t have to be brisk, but it helps. Having a partner to walk and talk with is even better. I always feel more alive and happy after a walk.

    Ooooh, even better, a nice walk to a cafe for a tasty beverage treat and a little ‘me’ time – followed by arriving home to a beautiful bath. Yes, that would be heaven.

  7. this may sound really cliche’ but it truly does rejuventate me.

    pop the cork on a bottle of wine and pour myself a glass. head to the bathroom and sink down into a hot, deep bath. add relaxing scent of bubble bath. for a few minutes i lie absolutely still in the quiet. then i turn on my book on tape. i love to read and books on tape are so versatile. after a half hour or so i have rested. the wine and hot water has relaxed me. and i have received some intellectual stimulation through reading. that alone makes me feel centered again.

  8. A devotional and prayer. Simple yes and some will roll their eyes. But I have some funny devotional books like “Are You Talking to Me?” that gets me a message but also makes me laugh. That can always put me in a different frame of mind and help me to rejunvinate.

  9. I have chronic pain, and have many bouts of stuck-in-bed-feeling-crappy during the week. I have found that when I feel wretched, the rest of my family also feels wretched – If I am out of sorts, so are they. So while I try to maintain schedules as much as possible, I also try to lift their spirits as well as my own.

    I read. i read a lot to myself, as well as cuddling and reading to my kids.

    I cook soup or stew. The smell of food simmering helps warm my heart and seems to pacify the children as well. (Even better is when someone else cooks for me!)

    We play games. Sometimes they have to be card games (like UNO) or simple games because I need to be in bed, but just like I remember my parents playing checkers with me when I was sick, it brightens the day to play a game with my kids.
    A house all to myself. On weekends, when my husband can take the kids to the pool and I can have time alone to do whatever makes me feel good in the moment – from eating candy to taking a nap, all while knowing the kids are filled with joy too.

    Finally, when I feel horrible and grouchy and annoyed, I dye my hair and see what happens. 🙂 It lifts my mood and the moods of most people around me when they can laugh at me! 🙂

  10. 2 years ago I spent a month in a bed, while the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with me (wound up being a cyst that was misdiagnosed as an inflamed gall bladder, but I was born without one of those so the x-rays, cat scans, and everything else, even the endioscope seemed normal to the docs, they didn’t discover the cyst until they cut me open to remove the non existant gall bladder.)

    But what did I do, I slept, slept, and slept, pretty much slept. (the morphine helped a bit there)

    When I was awake I craved my favorite foods, but was being fed through an IV, couldn’t even drink anything while there!! Great stuff the hospital stay I tell you what.

    But normally when I get the flu bug I grab some Ben and Jerrys and a movie Heather hates and plop down in front of the TV until I finally doze off. She gets her sleep in the bed, and I get to watch a “me” movie and get fatter all at the same time.

    When it’s just a funk I saddle up the motorcycle (I still say you need one too) and take off into the horizon. A few hours later the cobwebs are gone and I am ready to go again!

  11. When I’m drained and have nothing more to give I tend to start taking it out on my perceived drainers (read “kids”). I won’t pretend that I’ve gotten smart enough to always do this, but when I have, it has been like a miracle. I take my children by the hands and gather them to me. I tell them that I can’t do all of this by myself, that I’m sorry that I’ve been grouchy, and let’s pray together for Jesus to help us. And we pray for the children to obey Mommy, and for Mommy to be kind. Often we were headed out somewhere before the breaking point approached, and what seemed impossible to pull of becomes possible again. And it does make a huge difference. It changes our hearts. And that, after all, is what really needs revived.


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