Don’t pass up this offer.

“Are you ready for bed?” I asked my two year old this evening, as she lounged on the couch next to me.

“Yeah…” she said sleepily.

“Then go give daddy a night-night hug.”

Apparently too tired to move, she stretched out her arms to her daddy and said, “Big hug, daddy! Come and get it!”


  1. too sweet!

    So, did he?

  2. still sick? ergh…sorry…
    so cute…(your daughter i mean)

  3. That’s sweet!

  4. And I’ll bet he jumped all over that offer. What a sweetie.

  5. Ha! That’s cute, and he’d better have taken her up. Those offers are more limited time than we like to think.

  6. Precious love. How could he resist?!

    If you’re interested, I finally forced myself to write an adoption update.

  7. Ha! That is so , so sweet!

  8. Too, too cute!