Because her style makes me smile

…even when she’s giving me her model pout.


  1. Are those the safety glasses from the Nerf foam-dart gun?

  2. She’s got style!

  3. what a style maven! adorable.

  4. She may be my 4 year-old son’s long lost twin. There aren’t enough o’s in smooth for his style. :o) Better get her an agent soon! She’s got the “it” factor for sure! CUTE!

  5. she’s gorgeous! love the fashionista pose!

    and gosh I love the new design! so clean looking!

  6. Oh she’s so gorgeous. Look at those lips! And I love her sense of style, especially the glasses 🙂

  7. She’s so beautiful!!! Do you hear that enough?! : ) LOVE all the pics you share!!!

  8. Jeana,

    yes, those are nerf safety glasses!
    She’s creative!


  9. She has lips like my olivia. Just adorable.

  10. gorgeous! 🙂

  11. Groovy, Baby!

    I love the new blog design.