Houses That Work For Larger Families

I got to write such a fun post over at Larger Families. Go comment, OK – I’d love to hear your thoughts on home design! And, hey, even if you’re not planning to go over there, check out this very cool house plan hubby and I found last night while writing the piece. The dining room alone has me drooling. And the closets….and the bathrooms… and the laundry room…. and the dining room (oops, I already mentioned that.) But honestly, its like they’re in my head. I love it!

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  1. That is a GREAT layout! Just wouldn’t want to clean FOUR bathrooms, but I bet I could get a urinal or two in there!( See post at Larger Families). A library?? I would give my right arm!!

    Are you feeling better?

  2. Oh, I heart that house. Love the way the stairs are accessed from two directions. Now I’m going to spend my day house hunting.

  3. Mmmmm….here’s my favorite I’ve had earmarked for months:

  4. There is just nothing like house plans to get the imagination going.