this evening

(me, lying on the couch, breathing gingerly, hoping no one will jostle my suspiciously unhappy tummy, thinking I haven’t blogged anything new since last night.) “Quick, somebody say something funny so I can blog it.”

No one obliged. Sorry peeps.

On the bright side, the 2 year old has had panties on since nap time and is still dry. She even TOLD me half an hour ago that she had to go potty, and then *made it* there without an accident. This is huge for 26 months!

I’m off to slug down some Pepto…


  1. Oh. I really hope you aren’t getting the stomach flu. I had it twice in the past month and it really sucked. Hope you feel better soon. Big hugs.
    Oh, and I like how you are trying to think of a funny blog post even as you lay there trying to ward off sickness. What a devoted blogger you are! 🙂

  2. That’s funny…I just wrote a few minutes ago how I’ve been drawing big blanks lately. But my reason is not physical!! Hope you feel better!

  3. So sorry you’re not feeling well. Sure can relate. The only running I’ve been doing lately is to the bathroom. Praying for you to have a somewhat restful night.

    Kudos to your little sweetie for the dry panties!!

  4. Ack – I really really hope that you’re not getting that evil stomach bug. It tore its way through our house earlier this month and is currently reeking havoc on my sister’s family. It’s so miserable – II’ll be praying that your stomach settles overnight!

  5. Yeah for ms 2yo!! hope you feel better soon- ah…writers block- all day at school or in the car I come up with great, witty things to share, get in front of the computer– NOTHING!!

  6. ohh…i don’t wish that stomach bug on you…hope you are feeling better….ergh!

  7. Congratulations on the potty training success so far! My girl was so much easier to train than any of my boys.

    Your blog looks great!

  8. Mary, I LOVE your new blog look! It is stunning. And I have also been staring at the screen most of the week waiting for inspiration. It seems there are a lot of people out there right now with the same block!

  9. As Scarlett O’hara said “Tomorrow is another day!”. In any future remakes of “Gone with the Wind”, Scarlett should look like you, be recumbent on a couch while suffering from the stomach flu AND planning her next blog, meanwhile ruffling her training toddler’s curly tow-head!
    I hope you are feeling much better today!!!!! Congrats on the potty training to you and the wee one:-)

  10. WOW! Love the new look!

  11. SUSPICIOUSLY unhappy?? Are you suuuuure you’re not….you know…..THAT? LOL!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon…

  12. In firefox the comments go way to the bottom under the last part of the sidebar. Does it do that for everyone? Kind of a weird layout although I do like the look of the top of the theme.

  13. Hey, Mary, my main e-mail is not sending messages out and I think maybe my hotmail account is going to your spam box. Can you check it for messages and get back to me?

  14. Brian, I’ve sent you two emails to each of your addresses… have you gotten either?

  15. ugh….just the though of pepto makes me quiver : ( So sorry (again!)!! I’m jealous your 2 yr old is wearing panties AND made it to the potty!!!! Ours is following behind brother a little too closely in this area, and sometimes I wonder if he’ll EVER potty train!!! He doesn’t seem to mind being wet at all…..forget the “seems”…..he doesn’t mind! : ( I was encouraged to hear the other day that there are other boys out there like mine!! : ) I suppose when it’s time….it’s time. But CONGRATS on your 2 yr old! ; ) We just might be throwing a “potty trained” party if/when it happens at our house! : ) That’ll be one happy DAY!

  16. LOL Reading about your need to post something funny (sounding like, “…must…blog…”) even while on your sickbed, I found the T shirt that you must have: at I just thought of this post when I came across the shirt and laughed. Hope you’re all well by now.