My son and one of our guinea pigs

Genesis 1:25


  1. I LOVE this pic! Pets are such a good thing for kids and just make home more homey. They do far more good for our kids than any game or gadget. They teach our kids compassion and to nurture. And they give rewards for interaction and involvement without asking anything but to be loved and fed..OK, and played with 24-7…and let out…and to be left alone when growling under the bed when they’re too tired. LOL (Kind of sounds like my teenager, too. Hmmmm.)

    Thanks for the pic and the smile today 🙂

  2. What a beautiful picture. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. What a cute picture! Congrats for your win over at 5m4m!

  4. so so so so cute. Two cuties together!

  5. That pictures is beautiful! So much joy all over his precious face! Adorable.

  6. He is beautiful, so so happy!