TrollBaby’s game

Troll Baby challenged people to pick a new blog to visit, read all their archives, and then blog about it. Thanks to all your helpful suggestions yesterday I found some great new-to-me stuff. The one that really captured me was Mellahoney’s The Empty Sky. Basically I am a sucker for good writing— oh, and for people who discuss back fat without fear. I have yet to get through all her archives- I’m planning to be there around midnight tonight! Thanks to Briana at Dillyweed for pointing me toward Mella’s blog


  1. That is a good suggestion.

    Last week I started my own “new thing to see more blogs”.

    I’ve been hitting “Random” on the CWO button and visiting new people and leaving comments.

    Just reading a new blog is fun for me but leaving them a comment is just plain fun for all…

  2. Good suggestions.

  3. Aw, thank you so much. I’m quite flattered (and always fearless when discussing back fat…or front fat, or pinch-your-sides fat, or jiggly arm fat, etc) but moreso, I’m just happy to have found your corner in the blogosphere as well.