Winter Activities

Heidi at Butterfly Mama is asking for activities to fight the winter stir-crazies/blahs. Some of the things that we’ve enjoyed over the years include:
–Letting little kids jump on a mini-trampoline in the house
–Letting kids ride sleeping bags down the stairs (cushion the wall at the foot of the stairs)
–Building tent cities in the living room
–Dancing around the living room to crazy music

Along mellower ‘think-spring’ lines, we enjoy
–Looking at seed catalogs (this year I’m going to let kids each pick a packet of seeds)
–Helping dad plant tomato seeds to get started in the greenhouse
–Watching an amaryllis grow

Go visit Heidi to share your ideas for chasing away the winter blahs!


  1. Great ideas!! I’m sure that many of these will work really well over here! (I do wish we had stairs though!!)
    Thanks so much for playing!

  2. Sleeping bags down the stairs!! That is pure genius!! I wish I had this list last week when hubby was away on a business trip and I had three kids at home during a three day ice storm!

    I will not forget that one! Thank you.

  3. No stairs here either, but that sound awesome!

  4. ahhhhh….we had stairs till we moved! Hmmmm…but our kiddos were probably too small then : ) They’d love it now! We LOVE the mini trampoline!!!! That thing has saved our sanity this winter!

  5. Putting paper plates on your feet and “ice-skating” around on the wood floor is all the rage around here. Spins can get a little hazardous in my opinion, but we’ve had no injuries. My 7 year old told me authoritatively that the proper term for a pair of paper plates when used in this manner is “heelies”. So now we know.

  6. Oh, and the sleeping bags are a great idea!