Thank you and a question

This morning for the first time in awhile I stopped the Amazon Associates e-store that I opened in October(see the Amazon link in my sidebar). I was delighted this morning to see that thanks to those of you who are choosing to do your Amazon shopping via my link, my earnings now total enough to pay my internet hosting fees for three months! Even better, SEVEN of you bought my favorite book of all time There Is No Me Without You. Several other people bought Korean cookbooks and a favorite baby-sleep book of mine, The No-Cry Sleep Solution. (Don’t worry, the site doesn’t tell me who bought things– it just tells me what was purchased.) Anyway, thanks to everyone who shopped!

And now I have a question. Trollbaby is encouraging people to discover/read a blog they have never visited before. Heaven knows with 100+ blogs in my bloglines, I really need another blog to read, but I’m always up to discover someone wonderful. Who do you all recommend?


  1. Hmmm….without knowing what the 100 you have are (although from comments you left I can eliminate quite a few). I’d go with:
    which has a good set on no nonsense personal finance posts.

    (I currently have 151 unread posts in my google reader (down from 230 this morning, so I feel your pain with not needing one more).

  2. There are 4 or 5 blogs that I check out every day, no matter what. And they have nothing to do with adoption or parenting (which is rather nice!) Mostly, they just crack me up.

    Here are 2 options, both on my daily must-read list:

    JonnyB’s Private Secret Diary is very clever and fun to read. I love how very… British he is:

    Go Fug Yourself is catty, often hysterical, and a true guilty pleasure:


  3. Hey that whole Amazon thing is neat how that all works out. Your blog is really fun to read. I alway’s enjoy reading it. Char

  4. I love my friend Melinda’s blog. What you see is what you get!

  5. Check out A Foreign Perspective- It’s by an american living in Turkey

  6. Oh – er – gosh, thank you chou-chou. Truly I am very… British.

  7. Just discovered a new blogger. She’s more introspective. Only started a couple days ago.

    I kinda feel like following her. I found her when I was looking for the exact quote for the “Mean Reds”. She likes Breakfast at Tiffany’s like I do.

  8. Post Secret is a good one and you only need to check it out once a week (new secrets posted on Sundays). I have it in my Blogarithm account so I notice if comments on the cards are posted during the week, but it’s a fun & thoughtful read without that too.

  9. On my list of regular reads is
    written by a father about his daughter, who has a rare neurological disorder which (among other things) left her unable to speak.

    Some of the entries can just break your heart, like this one

  10. you probably already know her, but I really love Leslie at

  11. love that about amazon. very cool. a new blogger i am enjoying is
    she is a playwrite and writes a lot about being a new mom to a very special little girl.

  12. I personally like Mella’s blog (she’s a writer and mom to two):

  13. I enjoy Think a little Boomama and a little Antique Mommy. She’s a doll.