Blog for Choice Day

Surfing the internet today, I discovered that today has been declared ‘Blog for Choice’ day.

The fact that four women chose life has forever changed my life. I am forever inexpressibly grateful that my children’s birthmothers chose to preserve their lives. May God bless the children of the world.


  1. Oh Mary….that is a great post.

    Seeing their faces there is heartwarming. Every life deserves to be lived.

  2. so adorable! Are your korean children and ethopian children related (adopted as siblings.)


  3. Great post. I love that choice.

  4. no doubt! they’re beautiful!

  5. Great response for such a day!

  6. Thanks for sharing that Mary. I think we’re all glad too.

  7. Brings tears to my eyes. I adopted three “choices”…I think I’ll be giving them an extra big hug when I get home tonight.

  8. CanadianCarrie says:

    Your children are gorgeous!! How lucky they are to have you!

  9. what a blessing!!

  10. That is lovely, and has helped me see how to present my entry. Thanks! Now if the boy will just give me time to write…

  11. I think adoption could be the middle ground the left and the right seek in that women could come together and make the support systems for women with unwanted pregnancies really good… but I don’t know. It’s such a divisive issue.