Married too long?

The other evening hubby and I were playing Apples to Apples Junior with the kids. After three separate rounds of hubby choosing my card (thus giving me a point), and me choosing hubby’s card (thus giving hubby a point), the kids became convinced we were in cahoots. Actually, we just know each other so well that we had no trouble choosing the card that would most appeal to our spouse.

Yesterday evening the family split up, with hubby driving the teens to church for youth group while I drove the younger ones to a cousin’s birthday party. Both events concluded around 6:30 pm. Since I didn’t feel like cooking, and knew there was no one at home to cook either, I ran by Pizza Hut on the way home. I walked in the door at 7, ready for accolades from hubby and the teens over my dinner choice.

They arrived home about five minutes later, and burst into laughter at the sight of the pizza.

“Dad bought pizza too!” they all yelled. Not only did we both buy pizza, we both bought the same two types of pizza: a meat-lover, and a veggie supreme. Thankfully, though, his were the take-and-bake kind. I don’t have to cook today either. Sweet!

I guess that’s what two decades of marriage does for ya!


  1. Soul mates.

    (Wish my husband would pick up dinner without me having to ask him. You lucky girl.)

  2. After 10 years I promised my husband a jake book for our Annivesary. He has been using the same jokes since we were dating and I can finish just about everyone, in fact most often say “don’t” just prior to the worst ones (I get out the vaccuum and he says, “That sucks” I mention the fan and get a a little, “Yeah” and clapping. I do love him for his sense of humor. He still makes me laugh, even with his old corny jokes.

    And yeah, I know exactly what you mean about both showing up with the same things, which is why I now call prior to buying something to make sure he isn’t doing the same.

  3. How funny! And how nice!

  4. That is awesome! Even your stomachs think alike!

  5. Let me get this straight…. your family of 10 only requires 2 pizzas? For a meal? my family of 4 gets 2, and we don’t have left overs! Oh- is that portion control that I have heard so much about?Y’all must be skinny! 😉

  6. Love that. I love it when we can still finish each other’s sentences and read each other’s thoughts…totally sweet.

  7. Toni–It was 9 people – the oldest was off at school, The Pizza Hut meal also included bread sticks and fruit. Today’s pizza meal included fruit and cookies… but yeah, it was enough. Today we actually had a few pieces leftover….


  8. That’s too funny. We LOVE apples to apples!

  9. We love the apples to apples game and had a great time playing it over Christmas break. Wow, I wish my dh would think about picking up dinner, but it would be the one day I had dinner ready to go, lol.

  10. Oh yay! Love it! And I think it’s awesome that your kids get a front row seat for such a great marriage!

  11. That pizza thing is HILARIOUS!

    As for the Apples and Apples thing, that happened with me and . .. my father-in-law. For seven turns in a row, we chose each other’s cards. It was funny at first. Then it got downright boring.

  12. I look forward to being married this long! Awesome story!

  13. LOL! That’s awesome!

  14. We madea Pizza Hut run last night, too! My son requested it for his birthday dinner! Leftovers the next day are great!

  15. LOL, now, the same pizzas is a scary thing! But I have to admit that my DH and I are very psychic, too. Last night, he took our son to the monthly youth Bible class after church. Came home, we all went to bed.

    I had an odd dream about my husband and singing at church.

    Told him about it this morning, and that very topic had been on his mind when he went to bed last night because of some of the things that had happened at the class! And he’d never breathed a word about it last night! LOL Insert Twilight Zone music here. 😀

  16. YEA for long-timers! We are at 19 years ourselves. And you start to look alike…especially after enough pizzas. 😉