Bye-bye Blogger? (and comments about your comments)

I’m thinking of deleting my old blog at Blogger. When I do, people won’t be automatically directed to here anymore…. So if you happen to have my old blog’s address listed in your blogroll, will you update the address when you get a chance? Thanks!

Also, I have been meaning to mention two things about comments. I have been a terrible commenter lately, so don’t feel slighted if I haven’t commented at your place. I’m still reading, I’m just busy….

Second, if a comment of yours is lost here at Owlhaven, it probably accidently got sucked up in the Hoover that is my spam filter. Overall the filter is one of the things I LOOOVE about wordpress– I get 50-100 spams a day and my spam filter catches all but a couple each day. But it does sometimes suck up a good comment. I almost always find it as I skim thru before emptying my spam folder each day. But if a comment of yours gets lost, please don’t take it personally– I’m sure it just got accidentally deleted.

And a final note: why on earth does an obvious spam comment so often start with the words ‘I am not a spammer’ ? Like normal commenters share 40 links in every comment….. (shaking head…..)


  1. Mary, I am set to so the same- here is my new one:
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. That many spams a day would be enough to put me over the edge. Thank goodness for those Hoovers!

  3. thebadgers says:

    Please check out the blog and read chapters 1 and 2 on the chapters page, and comment on them. Thanks!

  4. Mary, I had a strange thing happen commenting here on the movie topic, I hit submit but my comments didn’t seem to register. I went back to comment page and hit submit again and wordpress told me oops! I had already made the same comment. But even after getting out of the comment section, going to other blogs, etc my comments did not appear. It was a busy day and I trusted wordpress that they would show up eventually, and sure enough they did but it was at least 30-45 minutes after I submitted them. Is this due to the spam filter too?

  5. yes, if something goes into spam purgatory, it doesn’t show til I release it… and sometimes I can’t even tell why it was sent to spam in the first place.

  6. Oh I know what you mean about the spam. Sometimes I just don’t have the stomach to look through them closely either.

  7. Hi! It’s my second visit here, and first comment, so I never saw your Blogger blog. But I have the exact same scenario–I have had a Blogger blog for years and just switched to WordPress. My Blogger blog is just sitting out there, gathering dust (but directing users to WordPress).

    I’m curious why you’re thinking of deleting the old one? I’m wondering if you have a compelling reason that I should consider for myself?