1. ummmm, normally I would say how beautiful this is. But considering we have been home bound since late Friday, due to ice storms, I’m not in the mood! Last night was hard to sleep, due to the ice hitting the windows and waking everyone up. Ok, OK so I am in a bad mood from the weather- BEAUTIFUL PICTURE M!! 🙂

  2. Mary, I know you are a spiritual person. If you have a minute, could you click on over and let me know if you have a thought on our adoption situation? And yes, it IS a beautiful picture! But awfully cold.

  3. Lovely! We’re due for some storms this week – I just checked.

  4. Thank you so much, Mary, for your comment!!

  5. Mary, thanks for stopping by my blog. And yes, it’s a gorgeous scene you have in this picture. Please don’t make me envious by telling me it’s all yours…. 🙂