No idle threats’ll be stopping her.

The four year old was going on-and-on-and-on tonight. After several times of asking her to be a little more quiet, finally only half-jokingly I said, “Girl, you either have to be quiet or you’ll need to go get me the scotch tape so I can tape your mouth shut. Which do you want?”

“Tape! Tape! I wanna go get the tape!” And off she danced to find the tape, then proceeded to spend the next five minutes taping her own mouth shut over and over, somehow managing to chatter the whole time.

My threats are effective like that.


  1. Something similar happens when I threaten to throw something belonging to the 3 year old in the bin because she wouldn’t put it away when asked a bazillion times.

    “Put it in the bin Mummy” – like it’s a good thing. *sigh*

  2. So Funny!
    I have a 4 yo. and I think I have a similar affect on him…:-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  3. That literal/figurative thing gets a little dicey sometimes 🙂 But it makes them lots of fun and very honest.

  4. Just wanted to stop and say I love your blog.

  5. hehehehe- they really don’t fear us, do they??

  6. Could you “bottle” some of that energy? It would be a best seller!



  7. that’s so dang cute!

  8. Too cute! Funny how they can tun a tpotentially bad thing into an adventure. Only a 4 year old can do that. What a gift! :v)

  9. That is SOOOO funny!! My 12 year old has always talked incessantly. I wish I could say it gets better with age, but in truth, not so much. The tape thing has been tempting on many occasions, but I have resisted so far. One particularly trying day when she was about 5, I sent her to her room “so she could get the talking out of her system”. A few minutes later I walked by, only to overhear her whining incessantly. I opened her door to inquire about what she was doing. She told me she was “practicing”, as in practicing whining! I am happy to say we have moved far past that phase!!

  10. See, I WANT to say that all the time in the classroom. I don’t because I just know they would like it! Also, cause I would get fired. Details. Needless to say, I’m effective like that too!

  11. I think she would get along well with my gang!

  12. I’m in the same boat. I told my son to stop throwing his toys in the air (it’s just no fun to get hit in the head with books, puzzles, balls, cars, you name it) or I’ll throw it into the garbage bin. He went running… “I’ll put it in the garbage!” Ugghhh. Then I had to explain, no no, we do NOT throw our toys away. I parent effectively like that.

  13. OH FUNNY! : ) She’s quite the character! : )


  1. […] emotions… first of all gratification– wow that this threat proved more effective than the one I tried on my daughter the other day. And justification — as long as I spent all that time on the phone AND bought […]