Movie Review: Rocky Balboa

Tonight for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long, hubby and I went out to dinner and a movie all on our lonesome. (Well, we weren’t the least bit lonely, but don’t tell the kids.) We decided to go see Rocky Balboa, and we were so glad we did.

Just the word Rocky brings back a host of memories from high school– who could ever live thru the “Eye of the Tiger” era and not remember that song? My very first memory of Rocky involves telling my mom that my best friend and I were going to see “Annie” and then going to see Rocky instead. (Bad me. Sorry, mom!) I think that may have been Rocky 3, but I’m not entirely sure.

Anyway, I wasn’t quite sure how the movie would be this evening. The only other Rocky movies that I truly enjoyed were Rocky 3 and Rocky 4. But this one gripped me from start to finish. It turned out to be one of those movies that surprise you with how fast it ends. You think it must be a short movie, and then you look at your watch and realize, no, two full hours have actually passed.

Years ago I remember not beng terribly impressed with Sylvester Stallone’s acting, but he’s improved with age…gotten more nuanced, and much more believeable. And you’ve never seen such a buff 60-year old. (Unfortunately the veins on his biceps have gotten really squiggly-but I’m not holding that against him. hehe) I think when this movie comes out on video, we may be buying it. It’s clean and inspiring, with no innuendo even. I still winced my way through the actual boxing scenes– boxing has never been my favorite sport– but the message of this movie was great. I’m definitely giving this movie a thumbs up!

(The date with my hubby was pretty sweet too.)

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  1. nice date night. i need one of those! thanks for the heads up on the film 🙂

  2. I don’t like boxing either, but I do like Rocky, and if you want a fabulous movie, try Cinderella Man. I know… I know… all this from an anti-boxing gal?

  3. I can’t wait to see that movie, I’ve finally made it through all the kids’ movie this season and want to see an adult one. Not that kind of “adult” but a good movie. The Pursuit of Happyness is another on the list. The trailer makes me tear up.

  4. Okay. This is shocking to me. Shocking. I was not expecting much from this one.

  5. Nice review! Hubby has been bugging me to go see this- I look at it as paying $ to take a nap- maybe I will stay awake for this one!

  6. Remember, the first Rocky (and the only other one of the series worth watching IMHO) was nominated for and I think won the Oscar the Best Picture! I would have to google to be sure but I believe that Stallone wrote the first one as well — hidden talents behind that facade!

    Glad you had a nice night out! Movies are so expensive around here that if we’re going to hire a babysitter and go out, I prefer a really nice meal over a movie.

  7. I’ve wondered about this movie. I’ve heard good things about it, but the 80’s precursors were a bit of a let-down despite the hype. Thanks for your take on it, Mary. I sense a date night coming on.

  8. Sounds like fin. I too am a bit shocked that it was actually good but I did like the “old” ones too. In fact one year we played eye of the tiger in band!

  9. I heard a lot of reviews about this movie saying that it’s a formula movie that pushes your buttons, but it does it so well that you don’t mind and end up cheering in spite of yourself.
    They also said that Stallone does a great job in part because he’s playing himself: the old guy trying to recapture his glory days and prove he’s still got it.
    I do have to say I loved him in Oscar – it was funny and refreshingly different, yet still so “him.”

  10. I’ve never watched any of the Rocky movies, but I do remember “Eye of the Tiger” fondly.

    Congratulations on the date night, and I’m glad you enjoyed the movie!

  11. yay rocky! i love to watch him run the steps of the art museum. walking up them at a smart pace is difficult enough for me.
    thanks for the review. we are headed out alone for the first time in 6-7 months (gasp) tomorrow night. i am leaning hard toward night in the museum…

  12. Date nights are the best- aren’t they! We loved this Rocky movie too.

  13. My hubby and I went on a date night last weekend. We saw Children of Men though. I reviewed it on my site. Great, thought-provoking movie but you have to be able to tolerate language and violence. That’s my caveat when I recommend it.

    I am so NOT a fan of boxing but I have a feeling my husband will want to see this new Rocky movie. 🙂

  14. My husband and son are diehard boxing fans, but I don’t think it would be my husband’s ideal date-movie with me. More likely it would be a bonding-movie for the both of them. For us the original Japanese version of “Shall We Dance” did the thing. Sort of ages us don’t you think?….ballroom dancing and so forth?:-)

  15. I’m looking forward to seeing this one. Will probably wait until is comes out on DVD or goes to the Dollar Theater because we rarely watch a movie at full price.

    BTW – I tagged you.

  16. FYI— just got my copy of CCM mag, it had an interview with Sly in there, he is also writing a new Rambo movie.

    Basically the plot summery is Rambo is living in the far east in seclusion, but a group of American missionaries are taken hostage, and Rambo goes in to rescue the missionaries

    I’ll be blogging on this, as I find it to be so funny it’s not funny, just like this Rocky movie, the only way it would have a justifiable ending (no I haven’t seen it) is if Rocky has a heart attack in the 4th round……