How I amused myself last night.

1:30 am- finally stagger off to bed after blogging way too late.
2:15– feel hubby stumble out of bed to load the fireplace. wait for him to come back.
2:30 –power goes out, which shuts off the white-noise fan outside our bedroom. Lie there 10 minutes amazed at how loud my hubby and two year old breathe. Cover head with pillow. (My head, not theirs). Doze off. (perhaps)
2:45- feel the bed shift again as hubby gets up. Soon after,I hear him talking on the phone calling the power company. Loudly. (grr) Try to doze. Realize a few minutes later he is still/again talking on the phone, this time to someone at his work, asking them to wake him up at 5:30 since his alarm clocks are all electric.

3:00 –Finally he gets back in bed. Power –and fan–blessedly goes back on. I sleep.
3:20–Power off again. I toss again, irritated at how dependent on the fan I am for sleep.
3:30– Power back on. I sleep, gratefully.

5:30-Cell phone rings at bedside (John’s wakeup call from the coworker). He goes out to living room cheerily chatting. I resist the urge to throw a pillow at him cuz he’s so darned loud he’s waking the two year old.

5:31 –Something starts beeping on his nightstand. Blast. I haul myself over to feel around frantically as the two year old starts thrashing towards wakefulness. What in tarnation is beeping, anyway? I’m thinking a watch, but it turns out to be a little weather station thingie that’s hooked to a thermometer out in the greenhouse. Wishing heartily it did NOT have an alarm I stomp out to the living room to hand it off to hubby, then tuck back into bed, grateful that the two year old has settled back to sleep.

6:00 am– Power and fan turn off again, forcing me to crankily listen to hubby’s whole bathroom shower/shave ritual. I try to remember how blessed I am to have a good hubby with a good job, but pretty much all I want at that point is quiet and sleep.

6:20– Finally he is ready, and out the door to the garage (slam), and back in (slam), to get another set of keys and back out again (slam). Turns out his van battery is dead and he had to take the 18 yr old’s car to work.
6:30– The power and the fan come back on, and I sleep, and sleep….till 8:15 anyway, when I stagger out to the kitchen for coffee. (“Make it strong.”)


One final note of irony. This evening when hubby got home and we discussed the whole fiasco-that-masqueraded-as-night, he said, “Well, at least you got to stay in bed.”

Oh, yeah. And it was quality sleep, let me tell ya. Quality.



  1. Mary, that sounds like our night every night!!! My hub works at 4:00 am every day…between the shower, the garage door and all the rest I always manage to wake up…

    I have always wondered how you manage to co sleep without going crazy (we haven’t successfully done it yet…) and then I realized…. white noise. Ah ha!!!!

  2. I’m glad you mentioned it was your head – and not theirs – that you covered with the pillow.

    At what point did you think “DARN, if only I’d gone to bed at some reasonable hour instead of staying up blogging, WAY TOO LATE!!! Tonight will most definitely be different!!”

    (I type this as I am creeping up on midnight, although promised myself I would have been in bed 2 hours ago…!)

  3. You need to check out HolyMama!’s latest blog, Mary. I was beginning to wonder if y’all had a conspiracy going when I read both your titles.

    What a coincidence!

    I detest having my sleep disturbed. I sleep under two fans every night, both for air circulation and as white noise to cover all the background noises. My sympathies, Mary. 🙂

  4. I couldn’t take that, hubby would be hurting, seriously painfully hurting!

  5. Most cell phones have an alarm clock option. Look through his and see if you teach him how to set it.

  6. I LOVE nights like that – especially when the baby keeps me up half the night and then, when I beg my husband in the morning to get up with her for a while, he gives me a dirty look that says “But you got to stay in bed all night!”. Just lovely.

  7. I am tired just reading about it! Relieved the pillow was over YOUR head though!

  8. Ugh. Lack of sleep is a tough one. I hope you got the power problem sorted out and were able to sleep last night. At least your two-year-old stayed asleep! Phew! Having the power go out numerous times would bother me more than the noise (sleeping child notwithstanding), because I’d be worrying about what caused the outage and waiting for power to be restored.

    Not that this relates to your situation exactly, but I’ll share anyway (because I’m just waking up and I’m hungry). ;^) Before Christmas, I stayed overnight at my sister’s house. We were running a space heater and had some lights on, and when we turned on the VCR at midnight, the power went out. That’s old fuses in an old house for ya. The power stayed out (until the next afternoon), so when we awoke in the morning, My ever-resourceful sister whipped up a quiche and cooked it *on the grill outside.* Yep, you can do it if you light half of the grill and place the quiche on the unlighted half and shut the lid so the heat can circulate. (The stove was gas, but we couldn’t use it because the starter thingy is electric!) It takes a little while, but it was yummy and hot and a nice surprise on a powerless morning. 🙂

  9. Martina Fahrner says:

    6 month ago I would have snickered amused at your report… 6 month ago I was still on anti-depressants,,, I hated them, but I loved hitting the pillow and be out until next morning… now 3 people breathing drives me to contemplate animal/child/husband murder…
    Well, earplugs work really well… and don’t worry… you will still hear the kids and the alarm clock… but your sweeties’ snoring or shower antics are blocked out…

  10. Oh dear, what a nightmare!

    I used to live in a house where if the power went off we went onto an emergency generator, which brought on low level strip lighting, and (drum roll please) a siren! Just to make sure that we knew we had no power. The best time was when the power went off on a Sunday evening, and didn’t come back on until Monday lunchtime. Sixteen hours of siren! Even taping pillows and duvets across the speaker didn’t work. Earplugs, pillows over our heads, everything.


  11. Nothing like a crummy night’s sleep to make you ready for the new week. 🙂

  12. I was thinking about the cellphone alarm, too. That’s normally the only alarm clock I ever use.

    Sounds like a crazy night. I hope you’ll be able to catch up on your sleep soon!!

  13. my hubs is sooooo noisy in the mornings. I swear he doesn’t walk, he stomps! And the constant door slam as he “remembers” various things he forgot…ugh. I tried to politely mention it but – whoops! My bad. So whats a tired girl to do!

  14. LOL Mary!

    I hope tonight brings you blessed sleep!


  15. That is hilarious (when it’s happening to you instead of me, of course). My 17 month old mysteriously decided to be awake and miserable from 2-4AM, right as I was staggering off to bed way too late. :^)

  16. Earplugs! They SAVE me from sleeplessness! I pop them in every single night (I like the spiral-y orange ones). I still hear the kids when they are puking (like two of them did this week in the middle of the night) and I would hear the smoke alarm. But, it blessedly masks our old creaky house noises, the 6 yr old climbing in with us in the wee hours (he pretty much has never slept thru the night regularly), husband running water before daylight, the 17 yr old’s loud feet on the wood hallway floor . . . . I never thought of using white noise in the winter – good idea – use the fan non-stop May-Sept (on me) and LOVE the lulling sound and the feel of it.

  17. LOL! Thanks for the laugh. I can relate at times too.

  18. I love how well you portray things – we live it with you! : ) A good laugh for the rest of us….and, I suppose, by now, you are laughing too : )