This Week is my Blogiversary (updated)

One year ago, after spending a week obsessively reading ALL the archives from Big Yellow House aka Notes From The Trenches, I started my own blog. I had just gotten hired at, and was itching to get blogging there. But as I thought about what I wanted to write for them, I realized I had stories that wouldn’t fit the Ethiopian adoption theme, but that also deserved to be told.

And so, in I leaped, not really sure if this was where I belonged. I never realized how much blogging would change how I looked at my life. I see the blessing in each day so much more clearly. The funny bits make my fingers itch for the keyboard. Even the awful moments seem more bearable with the knowledge that I can share them someplace, with people who likely have had similar moments. This evening as I was skimming through my archives, I was amazed at how much my children have grown, just in this short year. And I am so glad I have these stories written, at least, of our precious moments together. Here are just a few snippets from my year.

February– Why I’m here
March– I Wanna Hold Your Hand
April–Miss(ed) Manners
May– He’s No Pavarotti
June– Guess I Oughta Share Next Time
July– “The Place”
August– My Grandchildren
September– A Moment
October–Comment Mania (thanks again!)
November– Gifts to the Future
December– How Do I Love Thee?

Thank you all for supporting and encouraging and laughing with me, and good-naturedly admiring 47 zillion pictures of my kids. My life is richer because of this adventure, and because of each one of you.

And, hey, Carmen says it is National Delurking Week! Now would be an especially fine time to leave me a comment, especially if you haven’t ever before. Maybe you could even leave one for Carmen too while you’re over there, K?


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary! And I am so glad you started this. And that we all did. What a blessing!

  2. Happy Blogiversary, Mary! And many more…. 🙂

    Hard to believe, but my one-year blogiversary is coming up in a few weeks, too.

    I just hope you remember all us peons when you’re a rich and famous author, LOL! 😉 And I do think you’ll be famous, although rich may take a little longer. 🙂

  3. Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy reading everyday!

  4. Happy blogiversary!

  5. Hey, I celebrate my blogiversary this week too! I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the last year. I find you so inspiring and encouraging, keep up the great writing!! Happy blogiversary!

  6. Hi, Mary. I’m delurking! Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Happy Blogiversary!

  8. Well this is an official delurking for me. I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading it since.

    Can’t wait to hear all about you in 2007.

  9. I’m not a lurker, but I wanted to say Happy Blogiversary. Thanks for sharing the snippets from the year. I’ve been reading you since late this summer, so many of those were posts I have not read yet.

  10. Happy Blogiversary!

    You are so right about blogging changing the way you look at your life. Even the things that are exasperating seem less so when I write about them.

    Sheryl at started delurking day a couple of years ago, now it has evolved into a whole week. If you go to her site you can get a little button thingy if you want 🙂

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! 😀 I’m going to go read some of those snippets now!

    I haven’t been blogging a year yet, but can echo all that you’ve said!

  12. I’ve loved reading your blog, mary! it makes me feel so much more up to speed on things going on in your family, since I usually only see you once a week. love ya 🙂

  13. Happy, Happy Blogiversary to you!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog these past months.
    Thanks for sharing your comments and life with us.

  14. How funny, I was just telling my husband last night that I needed to start delurking this week. Happy Blogiversary, Mary, thanks for many laughs, much food for thought and many seeds planted (we’re researching adoption from Africa too!).

  15. Happy Blogoversary!

  16. Happy Blogiversary. I joined you rather late in the year, so thanks for the snippets to read.

  17. Happy Blogiversary Mary! I’m so blessed to have found you! You inspire and encourage me in SO MANY ways.

  18. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve been only enjoying your blog for a little while now! I love your stories!

  19. Happy Blogiversary! How on earth did you get so many readers in so short a time? I thought you had been blogging for years… Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  20. Happy Blogiversary! What a year!! I hope the next is just as fulfilling for you.

  21. Happy Blogiversary!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading what you write. It’s fun to read about big family adventures, although mine wasn’t as big as your’s – I was the oldest of five, and it is just so fun!

  22. Happy Blogiversary!

    Thanks for all you share with us. Thanks for enligtening and uplifting our lives.

    I am exctied to look at your blogging posts in review.

  23. Oh, Mary, what a wonderful year in review! You certainly hit some wonderful highlights. I read every one of the posts mentioned (and cried at a few…..). You have an amazing skill with words. I”m so glad you share it with all of us! xoxox Rachel

  24. Happy blogiversary! May you have many fantastic returns.

    My re-blogiversary (when I restarted blogging) is in two weeks. Still figuring out how to celebrate.

  25. Happy blogversary… My year is coming up soon too.

  26. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year! You have such a confident, wonderful voice – I love reading you!

  27. Happy Blogoversary!!
    I’m (sort of) delurking to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your funny, sweet, adorable, fun moments. They make me notice the similar moments in my own life!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  28. Happy Blogiversary, Mary! May I just say that no matter how busy I am in my day, I always make it a point to see what’s going on at Owlhaven! I’ve relayed so many of your stories, I think a couple of people thiink I know you personally! Oh, and I use the term “slippage” quite a bit!

  29. Happy blogiversary Mary! I’m so glad I found you.

  30. Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to reading your archives!

  31. Happy BlogVersary – I truly enjoy comin’ over here- and seeing the 47 zillion pics, and the recipes, and the thoughts, and the… and the …


  32. Congrats!! I have come out of lurkdom to let you know I love your blog. It has inspired me to start one so if you get a minute stop by!!

  33. hooray mary! happy blogiversary!! i’ve left comments for you before, but here’s another one. i hope there will be many more to come! (both comments and blogiversaries)

  34. Happy Anniversary of the bloggy variety! 🙂 I was thinking this morning about how I can’t wait until summertime just so I can see all the beautiful pictures of your garden…I always enjoy catching up with your family. Mighty glad the blogging bug bit you last year. 🙂

  35. Just to let you know that you are one of the many blogs I read on a regular basis. To let you know how much I admire what you do. To let you know how much I enjoy following the chronicles of your family. God is so Good! You are a blessing in my life!

  36. I always enjoy reading even if I don’t always comment…..

  37. Sweetanlo says:

    Happy blogiversary! I enjoy reading it!

  38. you are an inspiration as a blogger and a mother. come check out mine if you get a chance…. it’s a work in progress:
    take care. and thanks for the encouragement to delurk myself.

  39. i am so glad to have met you through this blog this year! happy blogiversary! love, the president of your fan club

  40. It’s true, blogging makes you look at your world with a different perspective. Happy blogiversary!! My internet world has been so much richer with your wonderful stories and pictures. Thank you!

  41. I love your blog and read it everyday! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  42. Happy, happy Blogiversary! I’ve only been onboard for about a month but I always find your posts very touching and warming. Blessed we truly are for being able to share our stories with one another. Good luck in the new year. I have a feeling you’re gonna be doing great things!!!

  43. I just found you recently and wanted to be sure to delurk. Love your blog, and I too have spent some serious time immersed in Chris’ archives.

    That noodle stir fry is making me hungry! 🙂

  44. Congrats!

  45. Hi there! I have been a lurker for a while and thought I would make myself known! I really enjoy hearing all of your stories about life with littles, life with a large family, and adoption. My husband and I would LOVE to adopt one day (our first son was born 7 months ago – we figure we’ll have a few biologically then as they get a little older we’ll move into adopting) – it was one of the things that we talked about in detail before we got married. My logic (faulty though it may be) is that I will probably never be a great evangelist as a woman, and that my calling is primarily in the home. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t take children who might otherwise never know the Lord and make them my own and teach them His goodness, right? It’s nice to see some adoption successes! Thanks for all the energy you put into your blogging! -Tiffany

  46. Happy blogiversary!! Wow, have you only been doing this a year? I don’t know why I thought it had been longer. Thanks for sharing with us.

  47. Comment Mania….ahhh good times!
    Glad you are here in the blogosphere, it would not be the same without you!

  48. Hey…I just wanted to delurk but I couldnt find the post you had from earlier about posting something weird about ourselves. Anyways, I’ve been reading your blog for many months and I really enjoy your writing and the insights you provide into your daily life. God bless