This afternoon a friend was over. Her little girls played outside in the back yard with my little girls for quite awhile, with us peeking out every now and them to check on them. At one point my friend and I looked up from chatting and realized that the three bigger girls had come in, leaving my two-year-old alone out on the back porch.

“Oh! I didn’t know she was out there alone,” I said, jumping up guiltily to retrieve my child.

My friend then asked the girls why they’d left the two-year-old outside alone.

My four year old spoke up quickly to relieve my mind. “Oh, she’s okay, mommy! The cat’s been licking her.”


  1. I have come out of lurkdom to tell you that I absiltely LOVE your blog. I came across it about 6 months ago and I visit almost everyday. Your blog has inspired me to start my own so if you have a minute stop by!

  2. It sounds even funnier now that it’s in print!!!!

  3. Seems that cat saliva is a substitute for supervision! 🙂

  4. Wow! I’ll have to get me a cat! lol

    Happy blogaversary!

  5. Have you read the Carl books? I see no reason why a cat wouldn’t be an excellent sitter. 🙂

  6. Too funny! : ) Funny what kids think makes things “okay”!!! It didn’t matter that they weren’t out there b/c the cat had her all taken care of….just what you wanted – your baby all licked up by the cat! : )

  7. ooh, that’s kinda sweet!

  8. I’m officially delurked. I love your posts. …about motherhood especially.

  9. My kids would totally do that. And that is why we will never have a pet. 🙂

  10. Ha! That’s hilarious! That’s all? A cat? I wonder how many I’ll need for my three-year old…