Due to a temporary loss of sanity…

…this afternoon I went and spent a perfectly good Macy’s card on…yes, that sleek, space-age object on the right side of this photo. What the heck was I thinking, anyway? I mean, yeah, the scale on the left was obviously getting old. Rusty, even. But this new thing is so streamlined and…. ridiculously, mockingly THIN!

Shouldn’t a scale be round? That way, as it tells you the sad story of where that Christmas chocolate went, at least when you look at its pleasingly plump form you can almost hear it saying, “it’s OK, I understand…I’m a little thick around the middle myself.”

If knowing my weight is not scary enough, this new scale also has the audacity to tell me my… (whispering) body fat percent. Yeah. Scary, scary concept.

It took me an hour to get up the nerve to try the thing out. And then I immediately regretted it. Because… you know that sweet spot my old scale had, where I could lean violently to the left while still having my whole self (barely) on the scale and thus get a weight decrease of 4 pounds or so? The new scale… it has NO sweet spot. Believe me, I tried. For, like, an hour, and basically no matter which way I lean, I’m some horrific weight that I won’t disclose.

My sweet daughters have been telling me that it doesn’t matter what the number is, I’m still the same. Nice theory.

I’m thinking of returning it. Except for the slim hope that knowing the truth might actually….ya know…motivate me. That and the fact that my hubby loves it. Gadgetry, ya know.

So. Walking. Yeah. I’m doing more of it, for sure. And I don’t know what all else.


  1. The madness! I wont even have a scale in my house, much less one that tells me body fat %- you are a BRAVE woman!!

  2. Well, it is a lovely scale. Sounds like “his and her” scales are called for here.

  3. We just got our first scale in this house too. It’s very similar to yours, and it even stores our last weight. Ick– that’s great if I’ve lost weight, but when I haven’t it stinks bigtime.

    Just this week I got The Biggest Loser 2 workout on DVD. I love it. I hate working out (I think the Today Show labelled me workout-phobic) but this DVD was so easy to follow and I’m definitely hurting a little this morning.


  4. I bought a new scale too!! the kids and i started to do the video “Walk away the pounds” (3 mile) it’s SUPER easy and after only 3 days I can feel it! I bought my on eBay!


  5. *quaking in fear* I’m AFRAID of scales! I don’t want to know that much… Ignorance in bliss, right?

  6. What concerns me more is that you spent a GIFTCARD on a scale. Something is just wrong about that. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  7. I haven’t seen that one. Don’t think I want to! I am at my highest weight ever, but am back on track finally. I am weighing at the gym – the old fashioned kind that you have to move those weights higher and higher and higher. Yuck!!

  8. Martina Fahrner says:

    I have an old ikea scale that can be fatzed with until it gives you the weight you want/need/feel and would never exchange it (I also only climb on it once every blue moon!)
    Hey, if your jeans still fit, you didn’t gain weight and if they don’t fit anymore, they obviously shrunk!

    As for work outs: Get a Nintendo WII for your tribe… it a fun video game for the kiddos, but also has a workout features that tracks every day…or you could just get a bike!

    But to speak with Mrs Irma Bombeck… “Women of the renaissance were beautiful, not slim!”

  9. Ok, Martina, you make me feel a little better. My jeans still fit fine.

    And actually this scale only weighs me 6 lb higher than I was before Christmas. SO it could be worse…but before Christmas I wanted to lose 10 lb…somehow 16 sounds way harder…

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha . . . .
    I’m going to go tell my old, square, not-perfect scale that I love, love, love it! right now . . . and I’ll have to go upstairs to do that, so I can count that as exercise, right!?!

  11. Wow! Way to go for catching yourself at only 16 pounds to lose. I lost 60 pounds in 2006 because I let it go for entirely too long. When you gain 5-10 pounds a year, it creeps up on you, you know? All this to say, if I can lose 60, YOU CAN lose 16! I’ll cheer for you!

  12. That new one definately looks scary. I’m afraid I’d step up and the thing would shatter. Yikes! I’ll stick to my good old fashioned upright doctor’s scale. You know, the kind the old school used with the slide weights.

  13. Finally, an honest woman, YOU, has publicly admitted all our hidden tendencies to try to find the “sweet spot” on each and every scale encountered. I have sunk so low as to removing all of my clothes , and even my glasses, at the doctor’s in order to weigh in at the least amount, just so I can tell the doc that I have lost weight. Alas, doctors’ scales are not to be subverted and are disgustingly accurate. Yick!

  14. Now that’s funny! And keep it–you can always use it in a pinch if one of your horseshoes goes missing.

  15. At least yours doesn’t say, “Ouch, you’re hurting me” like mine does. Hmm, well, not really, but it should. I’ve got a lot more than 16 pounds to lose, so rest assured someone else out there is struggling with the whole weight situation.

    I’ve actually lost 10 pounds since mid-December (hooray!) and it’s mostly because of what a dietician friend of mine told me. First, don’t consider this a DIET. Consider your weight an OBSTACLE (an obstacle to what is for you to decide). This obstacle is for you to conquer, and for some reason this really excited my type A personality. Secondly, don’t think it terms of weight loss. Because what do we do when we lose something? We look for it. Loss has a negative connotation-something everyone can do without!

    Good luck! And this is only the second time I’ve commented, but I just have to say I love checking in with you (almost) everyday…

    Happy New Year!

  16. I never had a scale until I started reading Jonny Bowden (over at Ivillage.com). He says weighing daily helps you know when you are sliding into old eating habits. So, now I weigh every day, eat plenty of yummy food the low-carb way and unlike my 2 hr daily workouts with a private trainer last year that yielded no weight loss, I have dropped almost 20 pounds and two jean sizes since Thanksgiving. I’m so excited . . . 20 pounds to go and I’ll be overjoyed! (Oh, and i have not been exercising but am getting back into that habit just because it’s good for me.)

  17. i have this awesome cheapy 5 buck style scale that def. encourages me to think Iam thinner than reality. Every time I get weighed at the doctor’s I begin a dialogue about how doctor’s offices scaled ALWAYS make wiegh more, and of COURSE mine is right… so far I’m good at convincing myself

  18. Sweet spot…oh, yeah. I love Ann’s comment. It’s criminal to use a gift card for something like that. 🙂

  19. My scale changes its mind constantly about what I weight – it can vary 30 pounds, depending on where I’m standing. I need a new scale, obviously.

  20. I absolutely loved your comment about your old scale talking back to you telling you it understood you completely 🙂 .

    Thanks for the great post. We all just need to find what works for us and keep ourselves motivated to be healthy … not necessarily skinny and thin. What we really should be after is optimum health, not an optimum size. We have all been blessed with different bodies and we need to be grateful and kind to them. Now I just need to remind myself of these things, too 🙂 .

  21. body fat percentage; that would terrify me as well!

    i’ve got a scale, but i really don’t get it out much…. 🙂 ignorance is bliss!!

  22. Body fat? Yes, that would explain how one can still weigh the same after 15 years and 9 pregnancies, yet look frighteningly different! You can keep your scale, and I’ll keep relying on Hubby’s input. His eyes are much kinder to me than my own eyes are.