Am I here?

have my posts been vanishing for some people? I have been getting some odd messages today, and have had times where I can’t see my posts. Anyone besides me?


  1. I still see everything. Weird.

  2. Hmmm….I’m not having any problems viewing your blog. I am having trouble viewing at least one other blog, though.

    And yesterday it took me 2 hours of trying before Google would let me log into my account to post on my blog and comment on others.

    Blogging. If it’s not one thing gone all wonky, it’s another.

  3. i am unable to comment on the scale post…

  4. yes, this morning (which would be your Friday night) I got your sidebar and header, but where the posts should be the only thing I saw was “what you are looking for is not here.” or at least something close to that effect.

    I had opened an individual post up from bloglines and then went to the main page–both times I got the same message.

    I waited awhile, and refreashed–eventually it came back.

    at the moment, i can see all just fine

  5. it was all unformatted a couple of days ago but it’s fine now

  6. When I had a look last night your post about the scales had vanished…

  7. The post with the picture of the scales keeps coming and going. It shows when I first get here, then I go to read Comments, when I get back to the Main page, no scale picture.
    I was having trouble reading and Comments with another WordPress blog this morning, so maybe it’s on their end.

  8. Your post about the scales disappeared for me, too. I read it before it ran away (fortunately!). I just got a new scale too, and was laughing almost to tears at your description. My new scale says I’m six pounds heavier than my old scale did! What a bummer! I went back and forth a few times, trying to decide if I wanted to live in ignorance or face the facts. I finally threw the old scale away, but still find myself mentally calculating how much I WOULD weigh, if only I was weighing on my old scale. [:-)

  9. I am giggling because if we couldn’t see your posts….how could we answer your question about seeing your posts…


  10. Yes, a few times I have gotten a single post reading “Sorry, but what you were looking for is not here.” Then, I could access the posts easily just by trying again. Weird.

  11. Interesting comments.. 😀