In Honor

Tuesday morning I got up rather late (last day of Christmas vacation…yawnnnn) and was surprised to see my 4 year old sashay into the bathroom in a long black velvet Christmas dress. Further investigation revealed both eight year olds in their Sunday best as well. It seems they had turned on the TV first thing, and when channel after channel displayed nothing but people in church, they concluded it must be Sunday.


And off they went to dress appropriately.

You could have slid them into the TV right next to all the people at President Ford’s funeral and they would have fit right in.

Bless ’em.


  1. Nice

  2. It’s great that they have a sense of occasion! Very sweet.

  3. That’s awesome.

  4. I am chuckling aloud at my computer! That is adorable! 🙂

  5. Oh how sweet. Your kids sure pick up on social clues readily.

    I watched the funeral all morning long. It was nice to have such an old-time service. The main difference was most of the people in attendance are in government and media, and we’ve seen them on tv before.

  6. That’s very cute!
    As a Canadian, I don’t have much to compare this to – there was a state funeral when Trudeau died, but I don’t know if there was a public feeling of loss, so much. Different countries!

  7. Your 4 year old dresses herself? And gets her own clothes out? I am so jealous. SO JEALOUS.

  8. how precious!

  9. That is hilarious, and extremely responsible. I am impressed by how well you’ve raised them! Getting in their Sunday best all on their own.

  10. Aww, that is so sweet!

  11. That’s adorable! (Besides all the great developmental things it shows: flexibility, adaptability, precociousness, etc.) Cool.

  12. Ok seriously…your kids crack me up. Mine would have been complaining about having to go to church and wear their church clothes.

  13. They even almost convinced my hubby. He came in saying, “Where do we have to go this morning?”

  14. Sweetanlo says:

    Too sweet. They were probably disappointed when you pointed out that it was just a Wednesday.

  15. Ah, that’s precious. Such dutiful children.

  16. That is so dang cute, Mary!

  17. That’s so sweet!

  18. Gotta say it one more time- “that’s adorable!”

  19. This is so adorable Mary!

    BTW I like the chicken-pox comment below too…funny kiddos!

  20. and i just wore my old jeans, a sweater and socks with a hole in the heel to his funeral! .
    your kids are a hoot, you are never bored are you?

  21. You’ve got some well trained little soldiers! My parents used to listen to a certain radio show right before my bedtime. Once they got clever and taped it and played it an hour early. Sure enough my brother and I marched right up to bed. My parents still brag about this one.

  22. Wow – you have really trained those children right!!

  23. your kids always tend to put a smile on my face – I love em!

  24. How cute—and how impressive they took the initiative to dress appropriately.

  25. What great kids! (You’ve obviously trained them well!) ;^)