In a burst of frustrated creativity…

Keeping in mind yesterday’s warning to never again call his brother the s-word (stupid), one of my 8 year olds came up with whole new not-yet-banned derogatory term:

“Stop it, you chicken-pox!”‘


  1. Ah, nothing like kid creativity in the insult department. Looking forward to hearing a host of disease names… ;^)

  2. Hahahaha! 🙂

  3. Halarious!!! 😀

  4. Ouch.

  5. Mary,
    Which agency did you use for you girls?
    Just researching Africa adoptions =)


  6. Reminds me of when my now 22 and 15 year olds where younger…Little brother (Nik) asks Mom, “What is another word for head?” “Noggin” I say. “What is another word for butt”, he asks. “That would be rump”, I say. Off he runs, yelling at his sister, “you rump-noggin!”

  7. Oh dear…too funny! How’s the book coming along???

  8. I’ve tried “Mahershalahoshboz” on bad drivers, before. It feels good, and so far the kids haven’t been able to duplicate it. Remember when Dad used to tease Mom that he’d name the newest arrival that horrid name? teehee….

  9. Oh my. I can already hear my daughters on the school playground: “Missus James, John called me the ‘C’ word!”
    (In my house, that would be the term ‘crazy’)

  10. hilarious

  11. I like it. It’s creative, and much more descriptive than “stupid.” 😉

  12. Melissa Thomas says:

    i used to babysit a little boy that would call people a snake and firetruck man ( with fi-yer and mayan having two syllables each). Very funny-

  13. This is truly wonderful. Thanks for that laugh.