He can still surprise me

Guess who was the source of these very fine New Years Day pedicures? My one and only hubby. No, this isn’t a habit of his. Actually, never once in our entire marriage has he painted my nails. His offer yesterday surprised me and touched me. Who says you can’t be surprised by your spouse even after 20 years of marriage?

Even sweeter, when our two little girls came over to admire momma’s toes, he proceeded to paint theirs too, much to their delight.

When we got married at age 19, I didn’t know half of what to look for in a man. Thankfully I ended up with a guy who had more than I could even recognize. Skillful use of red nail polish isn’t an essential trait in a husband, of course, but a nice surprise every now and then sure doesn’t hurt!


  1. Well NOW I’m curious. 🙂

    Love that picture….

  2. I bet he sent you for a pedicure.

  3. What a cute photo!

  4. Awwww! Do tell, do tell! Such a priceless pix…

  5. What a precious treat! And the kids got a great life lesson on marriage to boot.

    Aren’t the good ones worth keepin’?!

  6. Hi! That’s very generous of your hubby. Not a lot of men would offer such a treat!

    A happy new year to you and your lovely family =)


  7. That is just plain sweet! You are right…those little things are huge to us women! Love that! And love the photo, too!

  8. I think you should probably hand onto him!!

  9. I think he did a fabulous job! He sounds like an amazing man.

    Happy New Year Mary!

  10. WHOA! I love my hubby but he WILL NOT paint my nails. When i was pregnant I wanted my toe nails done,a nd he wouldnl’t do it. I don’t know if he was afraid or what! He (my hubby) is still very sweet though! Congrats to yours though.

  11. is he up for giving lessons? red polish is the hardest! awesome job!

  12. So so precious. Men like that should be held onto!

  13. very sweet! so mom loved it. Ron was a bit hesitant at first, asked where all his stuff was, and then said he liked it. so all is well 🙂 nice pic, by the way!

  14. I love your blog, but this post struck me particularly. It’s funny, I just said something very similar to my dh on Monday. I had almost no idea what I was doing picking a mate at 22. Still, somehow, by the grace of God, I have this amazing man, who is so much more than what I knew I would need.

    BTW, he did a great job!

  15. ahhhh!!! A laptop for Christmas and a pedicure for New Years?!!! He’s quite a guy! : ) And seems to know you very well : ) Ya’ll are so sweet : )