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this evening

(me, lying on the couch, breathing gingerly, hoping no one will jostle my suspiciously unhappy tummy, thinking I haven’t blogged anything new since last night.) “Quick, somebody say something funny so I can blog it.”

No one obliged. Sorry peeps.

On the bright side, the 2 year old has had panties on since nap time and is still dry. She even TOLD me half an hour ago that she had to go potty, and then *made it* there without an accident. This is huge for 26 months!

I’m off to slug down some Pepto…

Works for me: Bathroom drinking fountain

.One of the things about having a lot of kids is that the dishes never end. Most days we run the dishwasher twice– stuffed to the gills each time. I’m always on the lookout for ways to use fewer dishes. When I saw this little faucet drinking fountain over at tiny living, I wanted it. My little kids are always claiming they’re dying of thirst and getting out yet another glass. I figured that this gadget alone could save washing a dozen glasses a day.

It came in the mail the other day, and at first I thought it wouldn’t fit on my bathroom sink. But brute force prevailed, and once I got it on, it fit snugly and works great. The sink works completely normally except when you hold shut the little whale’s mouth. Then the water spouts through the top of the whale making a perfect little arc of water just like a regular drinking fountain One warning: be sure to give kids a tutorial on just how forcefully not to turn on the water when you use the drinking fountain. Otherwise they’ll be mopping a puddle of water off the floor and changing their shirts.

This little goody works for me! Be sure to check out tiny living for other space-efficient problem-solvers.

For more great ideas, go see Rocks in My Dryer.

The Most Memorable Moment

Shalee tagged me for a meme where you describe the most memorable moment in your life. Ohmygoodness. How hard is that?

Of course my wedding day and the births and arrivals of my children come to mind. Each of those is as wonderful as the next. However another moment stands out in my mind as a turning point for our family and an affirmation of my husband’s love for me and a testimony to the awesome power of God all rolled into one.

A bunch of you have probably already heard this, but I am going to tell it again. (so there.)

It began in the summer of 1997 when our 4th child turned three. I realized that I wanted another baby and began to think about adoption. John was opposed. Adamantly. Four kids is enough. We can’t afford more. You’re nuts. He said all those things. In fact, in the midst of one very heated discussion, he basically said I could adopt over his dead body.

It was a miserable, awful time. We both remained committed to the marriage, but, oh, we were heartsick that we could not find agreement on this crucial issue. First I nagged him to death, and then when I finally realized I was only alienating him, I gave up and just prayed. I prayed that if it wasn’t God’s will for our family, that God would help me pry my stubborn fingers off my dream, because I was having no luck letting go of the dream on my own.

Once I gave up, I felt more peace, and our relationship got back on a more even keel. He knew adoption was still on my heart, but it was a huge relief to him to see that I was working to accept his feelings about it. During that time I clung to a verse in Jeremiah where it says ” I will give them one heart and one way… for their own good and for the good of their children after them.”

I didn’t know how God could possibly do this, but I tried to hope. In December John asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told him all I wanted was his fingerprints. Fingerprinting, you see, is the very first step of the adoption process. He sighed, but something in his face made me cherish hope. Still, it was such a huge thing I was asking. And I knew that to do it, he’d need to enter into it whole-heartedly. I told myself to be realistic and tried not to hope.

On Christmas Eve in the midst of the happy chaos of 4 kids tearing through yards of gift wrap, John casually tossed a tiny thing my way. Something about the look on his face made me start to tremble. I ripped open the package. It was a key chain that said, “God keeps his promises.”

I thanked him for the gift, thinking maybe I’d misread the significance of his look.

“Turn it over,” he said. “Look on the back.”

I turned it over with trembling fingers, and there on the back was etched a single golden thumbprint.


Since then we have adopted not one, but four children, and these days John is just as passionate an adoption advocate as I am. God does keep his promises, and in a bigger way than ever I could have imagined.

That’d be some lunch break

The other evening the four year old and one of the eight year olds were talking about how many kids they might like to have when they grow up.

“I think I’ll have thirteen!” said the four year old.

“Well, you’ll have to talk to your husband about that,” I told her.

The eight year old shook his head. “I wouldn’t like thirteen. That’s too many for me.” He paused for a moment, thinking. “I hope my wife won’t get that many without asking me. Like, when I went out for lunch or something.”

Now to find those carseats.

I wish you’d go over and help Jody spend some money for a good cause, and in the process maybe even learn something that will help keep your kids safe. Thanks. You guys are awesome!


My son and one of our guinea pigs

Genesis 1:25

I Am

I am the baby girl born in the Ozarks, first born child of a preacher and a nurse.

I am the little girl who always knew I would be a nurse and a mother. Who played Poke-Eye Hospital on the stairs with a host of dolls, only one of whom had eye injuries. Who loved books more than anything, including chocolate.

I am the girl who visited a firehouse in first grade and became so afraid of fires that I kept a satchel full of treasure next to my bed for a year, ready for an instant get-away. I’m the girl who played with my Black doll and dreamed of visiting far-away lands, but never imagined I’d have children born in Asia and Africa.

I am the teenager who couldn’t figure out what Brooke was talking about when she said nothing came between her and her Calvins.

I’m the girl who wore her shorts short and her pants tight and drove her dad nuts. The girl who loved Def Leppard and Foreigner and Survivor, and thanks to a summer working at a car wash could identify every car on the road in 1983.

Who sat by a window for months waiting for a certain guy named John to drive by after wrestling practice. (He didn’t turn out to be the right John. The right one never passed my house without stopping). I am the girl who read romance novels and dreamed of finding a man as nuts about me as my dad was about my mom.

I am the girl who found that man.

I am the woman who walked down the aisle into adulthood at 19. Ready or not. Who finished college three months after our first child was born.

I am the woman whose highest, best, most sacred parts of life are Faith and Family.

I am the nurse who bathed a stillborn baby and cried with his mother and then went home to cry over my own baby for a long, long time.

I am the mother who can read story books for half an hour but who wants to scream after 5 minutes of Candyland. I am the multi-tasker whose mind whirls so fast that I just have to write things down so I’m not spinning so many plates at once.

I am the person who is desperately impatient to become patient — truly and steadily, not just in short bursts during moments of minimal trial.

I am the woman who dreams of making a great difference in the world — but also always hears that voice reminding me not to get too full of myself.

I am the woman who every day is conscious of the deep and unearned blessing of my life. Who every day longs to be a little more grateful, a little more peaceful, a little more joyful.

Muffin Tops

See, they aren’t always bad!


Just wanted to mention a fun site for families! It is called Parentography, and it gives readers a chance to describe and rate interesting places all over the US. I’ve been writing reviews of places we like to visit along the Oregon coast, most of them around Newport, OR. Go check it out. It’s a well-designed site that’s fun to browse if you’re planning a trip, or just if you’d like to know more fun places in your neck of the woods.

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I’ve been nominated for ‘Blogger You’d Most Like To Meet’ in the Share the Love blog awards! These awards are currently being sponsored by Heather of One Woman’s World. There’s still time to go nominate your favorite blogs in a variety of categories. And thanks to whomever it was who made it possible to put this very cool banner in my sidebar!