Why I love my New York Times

One of the coolest things that arrives at my house each day is my New York Times. It is actually just an email with a list of clickable links that feature various articles in the New York Times for that day. Some days I only click on one or two things to read in depth. Other days, like this morning, all sorts of things sound interesting.

This morning’s clicks:

Islamist Forces in Somali City Vanish
It looks like the Ethiopian offensive supporting the UN-recognized Somali government is having some success driving back the Somalia Islamists.

Malnutrition Is Cheating Its Survivors, and Africa’s Future
I always read any story that features Ethiopia. This one was a tough read, especially in such close proximity to the thinking.

An Annual Letdown: The Strapless Bra
Don’t ask me why, it just made me curious…

Free, Plentiful and Fickle
It’s windy enough to tear shingles off out at our place, and hubby and I have talked about a windmill.

Quick, Do You Know Your B.M.I.?
Here, among other things, I discovered that Stallone’s BMI is 4 points higher than mine. Now that was a day brightener. (all you scientific types– you know who you are — do NOT go emailing me about how his muscle mass is much greater and all that, K? I know. Just let me enjoy my victories where I can!) I was also delighted to calculate that I am a mere 10 lbs from a ‘normal-weight’ BMI. Can ya smell the stink of a New Year’s Resolution coming? And do you see the sad, sad irony of reading this story within moments of reading story #2? Yeah. Me too.

If you want this daily world-broadening extravaganza in your in-box every morning, just go to The New York Times and click on ‘register now’. I just have the free version. But if you want more complete access to all the stories, you can pay for New York Times Select.


  1. The article on Ethiopia was heartbreaking! 🙁

  2. It was a heartbreaking article on Ethiopia!! And in my on-again, off-again thinking about adopting from there, it made me lean a bit off, with the high numbers of women who lack enough iodine, vitimin A, and other micronutrients when pregnant (and when not as well). I worry that we could never compensate for those early deprevations. Mary, did you ever worry about such things?

    But I clicked the comment button to mention how much I love home delivery of the NYTs!! Whoo-hoo! I’m old-fashioned, nothing beats a real “paper” newspaper. One of our first luxuries once my husband got a real job after grad school was the New York Times at the door! Coffee and the NYT every morning, my idea of heaven and I don’t even have to fire up the computer first!

  3. NYT is baised and islamophobic. Ethopia has no business butting into Somalia’s affairs. It deserves to be destroyed!

    But always, Islamophobic America will always try to blame the Muslims.

  4. UmmSkandar– I have thought of it, but figure if issues come up, we will also be given the strength to deal with it. And fwiw, my Ethiopian kids seem every bit a smart as any of my others. My barely 2 year old can sing the whole ABC song and can count to 9. And you’ve heard enough from my 4 year old to know what a with-it kid she is! grin…


  5. You’re just a wealth on information!

  6. Many, if not most, birthmothers in China (particularly in remote, rural areas) lack what we consider basic prenatal nutrients and care. Yes, there are occasionally issues related to that, but they are generally relatively minor in comparison with the overall health and development of the child. I would venture to guess the same would apply to children born in Ethiopia.