Drat Santa

“Santa didn’t get me what I wanted, ” declared my four year old soberly at dinner last night.

Conversation around the table stopped, and everyone looked her way.

“What about your new purple bike?” I asked quickly.

“It has training wheels,” she said disdainfully. “I don’t need training wheels.”

“Daddy can take them off. And what about the other stuff you got?”

“Yeah” chimed in a big sister. “What about your pretty new dolly?”

“And your new dishes set?” said someone else.

The four year old shook her head mournfully. “What I really wanted was a tent. A pink one.”

Drat it. I guess Santa should have listened to his/her mom-instincts.

At least I know what to get her for her birthday. But June is a long time away when you’re four.

Ya think I could run buy a pink tent and give it to her saying Santa forgot to put it in his sleigh?


  1. I wouldn’t get it, then you might start a trend- but a “pink” tent could possibly be a valentine’s gift, if you do those. I also have a four y.o. who said Santa “forgot” a few things. But I pointed out that he did get several things he asked for. Within 10 minutes, he was on to something else……

  2. I wouldn’t do it either – setting a precedent with a child is not a good idea. How about a pink sheet or blanket draped over chairs or a table? Might make Mom or Dad look like a hero.

  3. Last year Santa dropped a present in our back yard out of his sleigh we didn’t find it until 3 days after Christmas.

  4. Target has an 8 piece ballerina camping set right now for 18.99 that has a tent, sleeping bag, inflatable chair, tiara, flashlight, magic wand… one of my daughter’s favorite gifts. I’m just saying. 🙂 Not that you should necessarily run out to give it to her, but it’s available and on sale now and you could always put it away for later.

  5. I would probably do Kelli’s idea of finding it in the backyard, unless your kids have been playing out there alot and it would be conspicuous.

    Another idea would be to have her “work” for it. Little chores around the house to earn $ or points to get it. That’s what my parents would have done with me.

  6. The santa thing only lasts so long, right? And life is too short, anyway. I vote for the tent.

  7. One year we didn’t now we would have Witty for a visit until the day of Christmas. His mom was going to dump him off…as her words were. When he got to our house, he was saddened by the fact that Santa had not come for him here. So in a “new mom” panic, I rushed out to buy him some Santa things. When I got home and wrapped them and put them in his stocking, I told him, “Look what I found!! Look Witty! Santa did come for you! I found this under your bed! Silly Santa. I think he’s getting old. He forgot to hang it on the fireplace!” Witty was little at the time, probably 6 or so…but he bought it, hook, line and sinker. Thrilled that Santa had remembered him at his Dad’s house. AND he went around telling everyone that Santa was getting old and forgetful!!

  8. I ditto the tent vote. You’re only 4 once, and you only believe in Santa for a few short years.

  9. don’t some people celebrate the “12 days of Christmas”? We had something similar last year but fortunately we also celebrate Hannukah so we were able to slip something in there. Some of it would depend on the individual child – for us, our bear only asked for one small tiny simple thing (slippers) as is her nature, so when we discovered a hidden longing and a sadness that she didn’t get a different unasked for gift (gameboy), we felt totally justified in giving it to her. If it had’ve been one of our other kids we probably would have said, “Well, Santa only brings what he thinks is the right toy for you to have, he can’t bring every single thing you ask for or his sleigh won’t travel well”.

  10. I remember the year my sister and I desperately wanted cabbage patch dolls for Christmas we didn’t get them. Then on the day of the Epiphany there were two sitting out by the tree. We never again celebrated this day by gift giving but it was fun to have happen once. I don’t think my parents said it was Santa but they never took credit either.

  11. Perhaps Santa could bring the tent for Ethiopian Christmas. Of course, it would probably be necessary to have something for your other Ethiopian little one, and something to celebrate a Korean holiday for your other two adopted children when that day comes around.

  12. Oh what a toughy!!! You probably already have in your own mind what you want to do : ), and that’s probably best considering you know your family best 🙂 BUT buying an “extra” present for one person in your family seems like that would not go over so well….that’s just a thought….maybe all your kids are really selfless, and they’d love to serve your 4 yr old with another gift!!! : ) But I do think….whatever you to, you should get the tent that kelly in the mirror told you about – sounds like a great “deal”, and you could give it to her when you see fit! : )

  13. Oy, after all the happenings with her hair, I would think a pink tent now would be overdoing it.
    Then again, I’m a menopausal middle-aged woman who remembers one gift from Santa, one from parents, and one from Grandma was a grand Christmas.

  14. Awww. I would so go get it. The girls would love to play in it. Did she get any giftcards you could use for it? Then it wouldn’t be like you caved and bought her even more or that she should expect everything she wants every year…
    I’m a big softy, though.

  15. if i really wanted a tent from santa and was asked to work for it i’d be bummed and opt for the far away birthday too!! i too am middle aged, but way past menapausal, and i say figure out a creative way to give that child her tent before new years. i love the epiphany idea, after all that is when the 3 wise men gave the baby jesus his gifts!!

  16. In past years, I have “found” forgotten presents when I experienced what you have. Not very often, it has happened.

  17. hmmm… I think I had a lot of fun pining for gifts when I was little (mostly dolls) and would look through catalogs for hours… actually.. I was always a little disapointed when I got the real thing.. they were never as cool as my imagination. Other times I would save up my money by doing chores and get it myself.. and sometimes it is even more fun to be creative and make your own version at home… I remember those times making stuff with my mom as a lot of fun.

  18. my 3 year old still talks about santa messing up LAST year and not bringing her a barbie computer that plugs into the wall. just like daddy’s. goodness, she was TWO!

    this year santa brought her a kitten and lots of great toys, but if you ask, her favorite was the glowsticks I bought from dollar tree…