anyone have any idea why when I try to highlight text with the mouse to drag and drop (mostly in a word document) it will highlight way too much? grrr…darned new laptop..


  1. You have to be careful of the scrolling option on the touch pad mouse — perhaps you are inadvertently touching that? (In case you haven’t discovered the scrolling feature yet, on the far right, and bottom of the touch pad, if you drag your finger, you will scroll. Kind of nice when you don’t want to move your curser to the scroll arrow on the far side of the screen, but a pain when you don’t mean to use it.)

    Also, from someone who uses a laptop quite a bit, I would recommend using a real mouse whenever you can. My fingers tend to cramp when I use the touch pad too much.

  2. hah– how cool! I didn’t know that! Thanks-that just might be my problem! (maybe I should actually read the manual, huh?)

  3. I was going to say basically what shana did. That is the most frustrating part of typing on a laptop. sometimes my other fingers accidentally touch the mouse pad and highlight things, then as I’m typing it erases what it just highlights. Just learn to type with your wrist UP. And if it erases things, just go to edit and click on undo typing and it will come back. lol To highlight things, I usually use the ‘clicker’ on the mouse pad, then scroll to where I want to highlight then unclick. That is a more precise way to highlight. Wow, I hope this made sense, because I feel like I used a lot of words and it didn’t come out right. =

    Congrats on the laptop!!!

  4. We have a laptop that I use occasionally, and the finger mouse drives me so crazy that I usually hook up a regular mouse to it. That’s always an option!

  5. One tip I tell my students is to use the shift and arrow keys when highlighting. Even with a regular mouse, it can be hard sometimes to select text. Just hold down the shift key and arrow up, down, right or left.