Plunging sugar snakes

I tend to feel optimistic about a day that starts with a brisk toilet-plunging.

Maybe I’m an idiot. Or maybe it’s because in the middle of sloshing disgusting water all over, I always feel certain that from this moment on, the day can only improve.

When 20 minutes of toilet plunging yesterday morning produced no obvious effect, I paused and weighed my options.

I could call the plumber. Hmm… $80 just for coming out. Not.

I could call the hubby and ask for advice. It’d spoil his whole day at work, and then he would just spend the day mentally lecturing the 4 year for her lavish toilet paper habits. THEN he’d have to clean out the toilet at 9 pm after working a 12 hour shift. No.

Liquid Plumber? No, that would involve a trip to the store. But, hey, I do have a half gallon of bleach. I dumped it in and hoped that the toilet would somehow miraculously heal. After all, a product that can eat a hole straight through a brand new pair of $40 jeans should have a similar effect on the 40 cents worth of TP. Right?

I put the tank cover strategically over the toilet seat so that it would be obvious the toilet had the day off, and cheerily went about my day.

About the time my hubby was due home, I remembered the toilet. Drat. Seemed a shame to spoil his evening by mentioning it. Maybe we’d just give the bleach another day to work and not ruin hubby’s evening.

Or so I thought for exactly one minute. Until my 8 year old came down saying the OTHER kids’ bathtoom toilet was now not flushing. Crud. Meaning we were now one toilet away from having to send the kids out to dig us an old-fashioned toilet. (or, yeah, we could call the plumber)

I broke down and told the hubby. Bless the man, he went out to his shop, dug out some long-ol slinky pipe thing he called a snake. Half an hour later we were back to three functioning toilets. A very good thing in a household of ten.

So that explains 2/3 of my title. And the sugar? Well, that came during the better part of the day when we got together with friends and made candy houses. Here are just three of the eight we brought home. As you can see, it was a lovely day in spite of plunging and snakes.

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  1. Oh my, I wish I were so optimistic. I am sitting here at the computer since I was baking in the kitchen and reduced to tears. No positive attitude here. Thanks for helping brighten my evening. Now I will dry the tears and try to see what I can make of the rest of the night.

  2. the snake… or the hubby saved the day. FYI bobbled headed dolls do not fit through the drain system.

  3. The boy looks so hard at work–getting the sugary juuust riiight…..

    Must be the week for snakes.
    Our neighbor sent his daughters to borrow our shop vac. Then our plumber’s snake. Then the rooter man’s truck was in their driveway. Then the city truck was out at the manhole in the street.

    Then our shop vac got returned by their son. Then the plumber’s snake was in a bucket on the porch when I got home from the post office.

    Crossing my fingers that our house doesn’t have to take a turn.

  4. “I tend to feel optimistic about…” I do believe that was your best opening line ever. =) We were doing that very same sugar activity yesterday, too. Little graham cracker mansions, adorned– no, heavily laden!– wth candy of all sorts. Flavors that don’t even go together, like sweet tarts and licorice and milk duds… I get a stomach ache just looking at them, and the kids are in heaven!

  5. Martina Fahrner says:

    Ok, don’t use bleach the next time — it is a bitch if the toilet is really backed up and you have to get the water out of the toi (Note: What it can do to jeans, it can do to your hands!).
    You might just want to get a snake for each of the kids bathrooms and store it under the sink… they are cheaper and more effective than liquid plumber and easy to use: Just uncoil them, out them in the pipe and start turning them — you can even teach the older kids, so you don’t have to take of it — could be an x-mas present they remember for year!!


  6. Oh man, our nearly-three-year-old Anna, potty-trained about a month and a half now, uses TONS of toilet paper! No plugged toilet yet, but it is only a matter of time…

  7. Nobody should be reprimanded for a lavish use of toilet paper! I am glad hubby had that “snake’ The houses are great!

  8. It’s the adrenaline rush, I think.

  9. LOL very much enjoying your blog … followed you from “A Flyover”

    have fun,

  10. Sorry, I probably was still contagious when I checked your blog…


    But, who did *I* catch it from?

  11. I just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog, and I saw this post. It reminded me ot the year that my mom decided to make candles for gifts. This required melting wax on the stovetop and whipping it with the mixer to look like snow. A visiting and well-meaning relative, saw the pot of hot wax Mom had just taken off the stove, and poured it down the drain, thinking it was hot water. Boy, that stuff set up FAST! Not even a pipe snake cleared that mess. The pipes had to come out! Thanks for the memory and drop by my blog again, any time you’re in the neighborhood!
    Merry Christmas,

  12. my hubby is great at plunging -but he sure doesn’t enjoy it!

    i love your attitude about the day only getting better!!!

  13. I love the houses!! (THough I wouldn’t have loved the plunging;))

    Do you have a recipe for the icing?? We tried this yesterday, but our icing was a bloggable mess. Now I’m stuck. Please help, if you can!

  14. Hello~stopping by to meet and greet…cute kids and funny story!