Owlhaven tree scene, Monday evening

Caption, anyone?


  1. “I may not be wrapped, but you must wait to play with me until the 25th!” hugs and kisses – christmas bunny

  2. How about “Whew! I’m tired”? That bunny sure hsa been busy!

  3. With a hint of apprehension, a veteran player awaits introduction to this season’s rookies

  4. But I’m an EASTER

  5. Oops… that was supposed to be…

    “But I’m an EASTER bunny!”

  6. Rabbit around the Christmas tree have a happy holiday…

  7. “…and to think I’ve been relegated to Easter baskets, chocolate, and jelly beans all these years…”

  8. Some Bunny’s been up to something!

  9. “is it Christmas yet?”

    OR….in all honesty, a refrain that has been heard round the world……..

    “Is that all I got for Christmas?????!!!!!”


  10. That whole “Velveteen Rabbit” nonsense? an old bunnies tale …..

  11. “Could it be Ralphie”??

    Anyone remember the pink bunny suit Ralphie’s aunt made for him, and his mother made him put iton? Hilarious

  12. Stay back! They are all mine!

  13. “Oh great! This means Santa’s running around with my basket!”

    “Somebody get my agent on the phone!”

  14. “What? You think the elves are the ONLY ones working around this time of the year? Sheesh!”

  15. “I can’t wait until midnight on Christmas Eve….then I can be real, real, REAL!”