Christmas Tree Treasures

Seeds From My Garden had the fun idea of sharing some favorite ornaments on her Christmas tree and invited anyone who wanted to play along.

These little clay bears were a gift from my mother in law on John’s and my first Christmas together. That year we were living in a microscopic basement apartment while we both went to college. It had one room that was a living/dining/kitchen (probably 12×18 or so), a bedroom and a bathroom. We paid $175 a month, I believe, for the privilege of living in that little rabbit hole. There were exposed pipes in the ceiling, and that Christmas we jazzed the place up by wrapping Chrismas lights around the pipes.

This next ornament is one that I painted in school when I was a child. My elementary school was a church-school, with eight grades all taught by my dad. On Friday afternoons my mom and another lady in the church would come and do art with us, so that my dad could work on his sermon for Sunday morning. Art class was a highlight of the week!

The little angel here is actually the newest addition to our Christmas tree. She was given to us by an aunt-in-law, who found her and a twin on the clearance racks after Christmas last year and thought of us. I love her African looking dress and her lovely features. I plan to give the angels to my two Ethiopian daughters when they grow up.

Finally, here is an ornament that has been a favorite of mine for decades. It was given to me by my grandparents when I was a child. They purchased it on a trip to New Zealand. I loved the beauty of the bell, and the knowledge that they brought it to me from so very far away. I decided back then that I would go to New Zealand someday…I’ve been lots of places, but that is still on my list of places I’d like to see.


  1. Hi Mary

    I don’t think I’ve actually commented before but I just had to say that, YES, you’ve definitely got to visit New Zealand some day!! As a Kiwi, any mention of NZ always pops right out at you 🙂 But it really is a beautiful country and it is very cool that you’ve got a tree decoration from here. Hehe. I also love the angel – so beautiful and what a wonderful thing for your daughters. Anyway I just wanted to say that you have a great blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family from NZ!

  2. Love the little clay bears!

  3. The angel is lovely. So is your memory of art class.
    And the bead ornament from New Zealand.

    All in All, a great read. Thanks, I needed one.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but in Salt Lake City they have a collection of nativities that are each different ethnicities: one with Japanese figures, one with Native American, African, etc. I don’t know if they put them up every year, but I think it’s fun. I have a picture of an Alaska Native nativity on the wall here–I gues that makes it a Native nativity.

  5. I love the bell too. My mother has one similar that has hung on her tree for years.

  6. ornaments on a christmas tree are like a photo album of memories… thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for coming by! I have seen your comments on my niece’s site (Queen Beth), but haven’t commented to you before. I love having new blog friends.

    I especially love the African ornament – wish I had one to give my beloved DIL from Kenya. If you visit my blog from a week ago today, you’ll find a tribute to her birthday and Kristen’s, my daughter, on the same date.

    Come back again!

  8. That’s alot of stockings! Beautiful tour!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Hi Mary, Thanks so much for joining in on this. I love your ornaments! The matching angels for your daughters is such a sweet thing to do.