Christmas Tour Of Homes

Today I’m doing the Christmas Tour of Homes along with BooMama, and I suspect a whole bunch of other nice folks. Click on the picture after you visit here to head over to Boo Mama’s and visit some more people in the Christmas spirit.

First up we have our front porch this evening with the Christmas lights on. Some years we do all the high peaks on our house, but this year my 15 year old just did around the front door, and it is great. Come on inside– it’s cold out tonight.

Here’s our front door. I love this wreath so much that I sometimes leave it up all of January too. One year I was embarrassed to realize it was still up in February — unfortunately I didn’t think of till our social worker was walking up our front step, coming to do a homestudy for one of our adoptions. Thankfully she didn’t disqualify us on the basis of inappropriate Christmas decorations!

We decorated the light fixture above our dining room table with silver balls and white bells on sparkly white ribbon. I saw the idea a couple years ago in Better Homes and Gardens, and thought, “Wow! Finally an idea I can do without going broke!” We think it is festive and fun.

This long skinny Santa is right next to our coat closet in front of our front door. He fits the narrow space perfectly, and I especially love that he says, ‘Believe!’ He reminds me to have faith.

A friend gave me these tumbling snowmen that hang over my kitchen sink. They make me think of the fun my kiddos have outside when it snows. I leave these guys up all winter long.

Of course there’s also our Christmas tree, which around this time in December starts looking ridiculously stuffed with gifts, as well as a little ramshackle from constant redecorating by my preschoolers. Thankfully they don’t bother the gifts — much. And if that gift heap looks excessive, remember, we have TEN people in our family. (The second picture of the tree, showing more of our living room was take in November, before the gift-heap had begun to multiply!

Speaking of ten people, one of my favorite places in the house is this railing where we hang all our stockings. A few days ago I told you the story of the first four stockings in our collection.

Since then we have added a couple other batches, of stockings as we’ve added new family members. They don’t match each other exactly but I think they all look really great together. Kind of like our family!


  1. Your tree is spectacular. Thanks for the wonderful tour and Merry Christmas!

  2. I love your tree! It’s so pretty!

  3. So clever to hang your stockings on the stairway! I love that very creative silver ball decoration on your light fixture, and your Santa who says, “Believe!” Merry Christmas! e-Mom.

  4. Love your Christmas decorations! So pretty! We are in the process of adopting and I really enjoyed your blog!


  5. What a neat idea with the bells on your light fixture!

    I bet your house is so full of excitement on Christmas morning with such a large family.

    The tumbling snowmen are so cute.

    Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.

  6. Your home is just beautiful! I love the stockings along the banister and the garland in the livingroom! And those bells!! They are gorgeous!!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Your house seems very warm and inviting! I love what you’ve done with the place : ) How fun to have 10 stockings hanging up. We only have 4 so far but next year we’ll get to do 5!

  8. Oh, what could be more wonderful than a house full of children, love and joy! The stockings were wonderful and matched perfectly, just as you said your family does! I can hear the laughter and glee as Christmas morning comes and the package heap gets bulldozed!

    Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

  9. Thanks for sharing all the special thoughts that go along with the decorations! Your house is beautiful – just like your family! 🙂
    Think I’m going to have to go decorate our dining room light fixture just like yours now – great idea!
    ~Merry Christmas from Karen at

  10. I can’t imagine soooooo many stockings!!

    that is too funny about the wreath! 🙂

  11. The stockings along the railing is a beautiful site. I enjoyed my visit.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Perfect! Just perfecly lovely!

  13. Everything looks great! Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas!

  14. Lovely home!! So many stockings, too;) I’m quite impressed your presents are all wrapped (you’re so smart to wrap them as you buy them.)

    Thanks for the tour!

  15. LOVE the light fixture and the stockings on the stairs. SO cute! You have a beautiful home.

  16. Thank you so much for opening your home to us…I so enjoyed my time here:-) Your tree is fabulous, as are all your other decorations!! I love the way you have the stockings hung on the stairs, just perfect!! Merry Christmas to you and yours:-) xox

  17. So very lovely! And that row of stockings…like so many have already said, it just shouts family and love and joy! Thanks so much for sharing, and Merry Christmas!